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I irrationally want a Mac mini

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I have around €1200 of extra money on the side and thought I'd get a real Apple desktop as soon as it'd happen to me. The thing is my MacBook Pro is doing fine and my Hackintosh too. Plus my hackintosh has the plus sides of having a Blu-ray burner and a decent graphics card. The thing is, it's now 3 years old, and that was the age of my other computers when they "died". Plus, a SATA port fell off the motherboard last week.

I was thinking of getting an i7 Mac mini as well as an OWC Data Doubler and a 256 GB Samsung 840 or Crucial M4 SSD to setup a DIY Fusion Drive (Apple's option here in France only gives you a 128 GB SSD for almost the price of a 512 GB one). The things that appeal me so much are the i7 processor and the USB 3 ports


Am I crazy, just a geek or fanboy? Should I get one or put the money on the side and get a new hack once it dies?


Thanks for your advice.

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No: if you have the money and the desire, get your Mni. :)


P.S.: A SATA port fell from my ECS A780LM-M2 in the very first day of use. I simply put it back, and it works without issues now. But you have to be sure to fit the five copper wires exactly to the correct places of the port (not leaving two of them in the same hole etc. It's really not that difficult to do, but it's definitely not for the shy user.

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If you can get a Mac, get it by no means! However it could be Mac Book Air (it won't be i7, but still quite fast and has SSD).


Or it could be this http://www.dell.com/...en&s=dhs&~ck=mn "want to be iMac" from Dell :)

No, no MacBook Air for me as I already have an Apple notebook (a 2011 13" MacBook Pro) and I want a desktop. I guess I'll pick it up on monday, as soon as my credit card restrictions leave.

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Hmmm... Went to the store today, turns out, you can't pay with a check from €500 and up, and I don't know if my bank will remove my monthly credit card restrictions on monday april 1st since it's Easter. With my 3 year membership I'm getting 5% off any hardware + I earn points on their fidelity program (about €20 worth for a €800 purchase, which means I'm saving about €70 in total). I also wanted to get a 2 TB Time capsule for my MacBook Pro, seems only Apple themselves raised the price of their own hardware after the Government raised taxes on data storage. Good thing, means I can get it for €270 instead of €316 in Apple retail stores.

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      habe versucht nach der Anleitung von http://x220.mcdonnelltech.com/  auf einen X220 i7 zu installieren, bisher leider erfolglos. kann mir jemand die angehangenen Log Meldungen interpretieren und einen Tip geben an welcher Stelle ich weiter probieren muss. Habe es schon mit den folgenden Bootparametern probiert
      -v -x -s -f cpus=1 maxmem=4096 GraphicsEnabler=No -no-zp
      Es war ein 8 GB Speicherriegel gesteckt und die "neue" WLAN Karte, außerdem ist zusätzlich zur MSATA eine weitere HDD installiert.

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      Salve a tutti, ho un problema all'avvio di mac os che ho già provato a risolvere con foskvs ma senza risultati..
      Attualmente come smbios uso MacBookPro 12,1 (portatile in firma) mentre se uso imac 14,1 questo problema non si presenta.
      Dite che posso tenere iMac 14,1 magari rigenerando l'ssdt per il pm?
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      Hi guys, this thread is to show you a new and open source app, created by me, that I called TINU:
      The name means: TINU Is Not #####, the U refers to a popular software that is used to create Mac OS hackintosh installers (that for good reasons is banned on this forum), but the aim of the name is to explain that this app is a totally different thing from that software and works in a totally different way.
      This app basically is a graphical interface for the createinstallmedia executable that is inside the Mac OS installer apps, it is capable to create a Mac OS installer on a drive completely vanilla like what you do using the command line method, and also this method is recommended by apple itself.
      Allows you to create easily a macOS install media without messing around with command line stuff and without using disk utility, all you need to do is use the app and then install clover on the usb drive once TINU has finished or leave it as is you want to use it on a Mac.
        - Simple to use UI that allows you to easily start the macOS install media creation process   - It can work with every Mac OS installer app that has the createinstallmedia executable inside of it's resources folder (including also beta and newly released installers)   - You can use any drive or partition you want that can be erased and is at least 7 GB of size   - Works on Mac OS recovery, so you can create a macOS install media from a bootable macOS installer or from the macOs recovery   - All vanilla, the macOS install medias created with this tool are 100% vanilla, just like you created them using the command line "createinstallmedia" method   - Open source, you will know what this program does on your computer and also you can create your own version by downloading and playing with the source code   - Does not requires to do anything of special first, just open the program   - No need to go in disk utility first, TINU can format your drive for you   - Uses recent and more modern APIs and SDKs and Swift 3 language   - Transparent graphics style available (use alt + s on the keyboard or View->Use transparent style)   - Works using the latest versions of macOS and will also support newer Mac installers out of the box without needing for an update    Features that I'd like to add in the future:    - Advanced section, to customize your macOS install media   - Installer customization: Kernelcache/prelinkedknerel and boot files replacement (a feature that can be handy while dealing with old Macs or with beta installers when you need to mod or change the boot files some times)   - Install clover and configure clover   - Install kexts inside the kexts folder of clover   - Clover drivers customization   - Use custom dsdt in clover   - integrated pre-made clover config templates database from a remote and open repository   - Support for other languages, at least Italian   Rquirements:  - A computer that runs Mac OS X Yosemite or a more recent version (Mac OS X El Capitan is required to use TINU in a macOS recovery or installer)  - A drive or a free partition of at least 7 GB that you want to turn into a macOS/Mac OS X installer  - A copy of a macOS/Mac OS X installer app (Maveriks or newer versions are supported) in the /Applications folder or in the root of any storage drive in your machine (excepted the drive or volume you want to turn into your macOS install media)   Note that this app is under the GNU GPL v3 license so any reuse of the source code must follow the license's terms   Download available here: https://github.com/ITzTravelInTime/TINU/releases   Source code:  https://github.com/ITzTravelInTime/TINU   Frequently asked questions about TINU: https://github.com/ITzTravelInTime/TINU/wiki/FAQs  
      I leave also some screenshots as well

    • By Michael93
      Salve a tutti,
      Sto cercando di installare High Sierra sul mio Acer Aspire 7741G i3 ma qualcosa non va...adesso vi spiego cosa ho provato:
      Per prima cosa ho scaricato VMware e ho installato High Sierra fin qui tutto bene,poi ho scaricato il file di installazione dall'app store,fatto ciò ho preparato la mia usb tramite disk utilty ho selezionato "mac os x extended (journaled)" però ho notato che a differenza di altri non mi appare l'opzione "schema" però ho tentato di procedere anche senza. (Non trovando soluzioni)
      Apro il terminale setto tutto tramite guide che sono in giro per la rete (le stringhe sono tutte uguale) e tutto va a buon fine,poi setto clover e il gioco sembrava fatto.Una volta riavviato ho visto che altri (guide e video in giro per la rete) cambiano impostazioni nel bios ma nel mio caso non è molto modificabile quindi ho proceduto settando la usb come primo avvio.Però purtroppo al riavvio ricevo il messaggio "error loading operating system..."
      Cosi ho provato con UniBeat ma stessa cosa.
      Ho pensato che i componenti non sono adatti oppure ho sbagliato a settare qualcosa,non so.
      Spero che sono stato più o meno chiaro nel spiegare la situazione,Grazie in anticipo.
      Se vi è di aiuto ho come scheda madre: MB.PT401.001
      Non so se avete bisogno di altre info,chiedete pure.
    • By buttcrap
      I have a 2008 Core 2 Duo Penryn Unibody MacBook Pro. The latest software it officially supports is El Capitan, but there's no real technical reason it can't run Sierra, and there's a simple patch utility that will allow the install on older Macs like mine that aren't officially supported but have the right CPU architecture.
      Now, the problem is that my PC Express slot stops working on Sierra - I'm guessing the kexts aren't included because no real Mac that can "officially" run Sierra has these old ports.
      I bought this Mac used & it came with a PC Express WiFi module because the internal wireless is broken (opening up it looks like the previous owner physically tore the connector pins out of the motherboard somehow) and it's pretty vital for me that I have WiFi.
      I would never care about a PC Express card otherwise & I doubt that many more people have been in this exact situation. How can I do to track down what kext / services are using the PC Express card so that I can try to get them working on Sierra?