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  1. Bonsoir. Pour la compatibilité de ton PC, je n'en ai aucune idée. Par contre, pour installer OS X 10.9.4, tu n'as aucunement besoin d'installer 10.8 puis mettre à jour vers 10.9.4. Eh oui, contrairement à Microsoft qui ne te permet pas d'installer directement et facilement la dernière version de Windows, Apple te permet de télécharger directement la dernière version en date (donc 10.9.4). Par contre, il te faudra un Mac ne serait-ce que pour télécharger l'installateur, et puis pour créer une clé USB bootable à partir de celui-ci. Ceci dit, je ne me suis pas trop intéressé au monde Hackintosh récemment, alors peut-être qu'un installateur compatible Windows est sorti depuis. Je pense moi-même retourner sous hackintosh bientôt, rien que par amour de la bidouille. Bon courage en tous cas !
  2. johnlocke2342

    Cherche boîtier PowerMac G5 moddé

    Ah, pourtant j'ai vu ces prix plusieurs fois et on m'a proposé d'en vendre un un peu plus que ce prix mais avec CM et alim incluses.
  3. johnlocke2342

    Cherche boîtier PowerMac G5 moddé

    Merci, mais ils ne sont pas moddés. J'ai cherché sur le bon coin, eBay, etc., rien. ÉDIT: sinon, j'ai trouvé ça, mais je ne comprends pas si c'est des boîtiers moddés ou juste pour faire les mods. http://www.thelaserhive.com/products/powermac-g5-conversion-products/g5-full-atx-kit-120-and-original-versions/
  4. Bonsoir. Ça fait longtemps que j'ai envie de mettre ma tour hackintosh dans un boitier de PowerMac G5 (ou de Mac Pro), mais je n'ai ni les outils, ni l'espace, ni l'expérience nécessaire pour faire faire un mod. J'ai vu sur un autre forum des gens qui vendent leur boîtier moddé dans les 130€, mais ils sont tous vendus et c'est une somme que je suis prêt à dépenser pour en avoir un. Vu que je n'ai pas l'argent pour le moment, c'est plus un appel pour savoir si quelqu'un pourrait me faire ça (ou me vendre le sien) dès que je serais à nouveau à flots, et à combien (attention, je ne suis pas millionnaire non plus sinon j'aurais un vrai Mac Pro :-) ). J'habite en (très) proche banlieue Parisienne. Si quelqu'un est intéressé, faites-moi signe. D'avance, merci.
  5. johnlocke2342

    10.8.4 is out

    Just installed it, didn't break my retired Hackintosh, and even fixed a "silent video" issue in Safari. FYI, I installed the combo.
  6. johnlocke2342

    What should I do with my retired Hackintosh?

    Thanks. I'm not a gamer, as I own a PS3 that I used only a couple of times as a gaming machine, I'm using it mainly as a Video station (Netflix, Blu-ray, DVD, UPNP). To be more precise, I linked my hack to my 32" TV via HDMI, I just don't know what to do with it. The main reason I abandoned it was discovering a SATA port fell off the mobo.
  7. Hi. Until last week, I was using my 3 years-old Hackintosh as my main machine. I always wanted to get a real Mac desktop and got myself the high end current generation Mac mini last Monday. The problem is: how do I recycle my Hack? Using it as a server? Using it as a media center? As a Windows PC? As a Linux PC? I don't want to use it as a family machine as my mom has no interest in technology, nor selling it or giving it, as it was my "buddy" for the past 3 years (I'm the kind of weirdo that develops sentiments for machines, and yes, I'm seeing a psychiatrist ? ). Its setup is in my sig. Thanks in advance.
  8. johnlocke2342

    Transferring files from a Hackintosh to a real Mac

    Oh my God how rude am I? Sorry I'm having personal as well as health problems as of now which make me (very) angry in the morning. You can guess it's even worse when something you just got for €800 doesn't work as expected. Feel free to help me as you want. I guess deleting some files and re-installing over so everything is patched would work. Even if not properly done. Thanks in advance and sorry again.
  9. johnlocke2342

    Transferring files from a Hackintosh to a real Mac

    OK guys I'm a bit pissed at you (and myself for thinking the same thing). Bought my Mac mini 17 hours ago, transferred my files and apps from my time machine backup over night. The Mac would not restart nor play sounds in my Logitech speakers, or even my Apple EarPods. Both work fine on my MBP. After trying installing on a blank SSD connected via USB (the one I plan on installing in my Mac mini when I get my data doubler from OWC tomorrow) without any other data than the OS and its updates, speakers and reboot worked just fine. I just tried wiping the internal HD, it works just like on the SSD. Now, can anyone help me fix this? Thanks in advance.
  10. johnlocke2342

    Chameleon 2.2 - How does it work?

    Hello! I suggest you try Chameleon wizard (do a search for it on the forum). Launch it and select your install method (they are well explained and different if you have only OS X, OS X and Windows, whether they're both on the same drive or on different ones. Always worked for me.
  11. johnlocke2342

    Transferring files from a Hackintosh to a real Mac

    OK, thanks everyone. That's what I was thinking, using the setup assistant at first boot.
  12. johnlocke2342

    Transferring files from a Hackintosh to a real Mac

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Is it enough though?
  13. Hi. I've had my fun with my cheap but powerful Hackintosh for the last 3 years. For "fanboyism" reasons, I've decided a few months ago that I'd buy a Mac desktop when I'd get some money, and I decided to buy a 2012 core i7 Mac mini and to turn my hack into a regular dual boot Ubuntu/Windows 7 PC. So I'm asking here: How do I securely transfer my files from my hackintosh to the Mac I'm about to buy next week? Does restoring from a Time Machine backup in the setup assistant just does the trick? When I say "securely", I mean, of course, without Chameleon and other system modifications. Thanks in advance. P.S: Sorry if I posted on the wrong forum, as I'm talking about OS X itself, I figured out this was the better place.
  14. johnlocke2342

    I irrationally want a Mac mini

    Hmmm... Went to the store today, turns out, you can't pay with a check from €500 and up, and I don't know if my bank will remove my monthly credit card restrictions on monday april 1st since it's Easter. With my 3 year membership I'm getting 5% off any hardware + I earn points on their fidelity program (about €20 worth for a €800 purchase, which means I'm saving about €70 in total). I also wanted to get a 2 TB Time capsule for my MacBook Pro, seems only Apple themselves raised the price of their own hardware after the Government raised taxes on data storage. Good thing, means I can get it for €270 instead of €316 in Apple retail stores.
  15. johnlocke2342

    I irrationally want a Mac mini

    No, no MacBook Air for me as I already have an Apple notebook (a 2011 13" MacBook Pro) and I want a desktop. I guess I'll pick it up on monday, as soon as my credit card restrictions leave.