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ASUS Essentio CM6870 Desktop PC 10.8

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Hello,I bought an ASUS CM6870 with an ATI 6870 Sapphire and I installed a 10.8.2 on it.


Works too with 10.9 install.

Specs http://www.asus.com/...#specifications


The motherboard is a P8H77-M-PRO model.

Everything is working fine, sleep OK.

Bootloader : Chameleon boot loader with only Graphics Enabler and EthernetBuilt-in.
SMBIOS : imac 13.1
SOUND : AppleHDA  (kext in this post)
NETWORK : Realtek ALC892 chipset (kext in this post)
CPU Power Management : No need NullCPUPowerManagement kext
Video Card : ATI 6870 Sapphire, work Out of Box and Graphics Enabler, DVI ports, Duckweed, Ports 4
FakeSMC : Plugins is needed
DSDT : Attached File

SSDT : Attached File
USB 3.0 : Works with this patched DSDT.aml

BOOT : If you use Chameleon, use dart=0. If you use Clover, no boot arg is required.

Someone else has an CM6870 hackintosh?

advice to improve?




DSDT.aml 1.1.zip

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References to unsupported software.
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@ Zaledar


Nice job!


what was the reason to roll back



@ other readers:



it's not wise to use an smbios.plist other than one you made yourself. This file contains "unique" serial number that if duplicated can confuse some programs like TeamViewer.


Also it's much better to make own DSDT and SSDT unless you have identical configuration to the last detail like same expansion card in same slot etc.



Use files provided by Zaledar for reference, testing etc but make your own asap.

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After 10.8.2 or 10.8.3 update, system doesn't boot without any message during boot.


So you have to roll back with 10.8.1



Well-known problem on some ASUS motherboard.

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I'm confused. 8086 is Intel, ALC892 is Realtek, Intel is not Realtek


Actually I'm not confused at all. This is a typical ASUS mesh up. I explains why You had to use VoodooHDA.


For a split second I've considered this rig to be successor for my next iHack project. Knowing this it's a definite NO GO.


Thank you for this info, it saved me a lot of time and frustration. VoodooHDA is not an acceptable option for my next rig.

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Thank You again. This screenshot confirms my expectations. Only two out of eight onboard audio channels are operational.

Was VoodooHDA loaded while making this screenshot or just edited AppleHDA.kext?

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