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  1. tepaks

    iSCSI initiator

    The globalSAN iSCSI Initiator for OS X used to be free. Now days tree is only a trial version. So far I.v failed to find an open source equivalent. Is tree any way to get OSX Mavericks to connect to iSCSI target natively?
  2. tepaks

    10.9 GM AppleHDA for ALC662

    WOW! it works! mic, line in line out there is only one thing, labels do not match actual connectors, at least not in my case. mic and speakers out are labelled as build-in instead of "mic rear pink" and line out "rear green" can anyone point me in right direction how to edit those labels? tnx!
  3. tepaks

    USB Freeze on Mavericks

    sounds very familiar, just install EvOreboot.kext and enjoy
  4. Instead of fresh install this time I've just updated my iHack to Mavericks. No problems so far exempt for some minor nags with updates like iWorks etc. Teamviewer works just fine. I have second almost identical iHack with fresh vanilla Mavericks to test this. To be continued ...
  5. Every time I shutdown or restart my iHack BT keyboard gets disconnected while magic mouse newer lost connection from first time Im using it. Sometimes keyboard connects after a while but most times it doesn't and I have to pair it again and again ... At same time Seep option doesn't show same issue, keyboard and mouse keep connected.
  6. The easy way to check your SSD is to transfer ( clone ) it to a HDD and test the system.
  7. tepaks

    Why is Apple so tolerant of us?

    If you ask me, Apple isn't tolerant at all! As the matter of fact Apple uses us for two reasons but before I get to it let's take a look at the facts. First, for what ever reason we want Apple software but not (all) Apple hardware. Second, sins first release of OS X, ( Intel based one ) Apple didn't even tried to protect it like MS or any other software company. Third, and let us not ignore this one, first Hackintosh was build by an Apple employe who was bold enough to present it to the board and, guess what? He kept his job, probably got promoted. Same year Apple announced switch from PPC to Intel. So how is Apple using us? First is very obvious one. Commercial reasons! Ask You self how many genuine Apple products are connected to your Hackintosh? How manny genuine Apple software are there in your AppleStore account? Well, second one may be a little disturbing. For Apple, Hackintosh community is nothing else then a true free of charge Research & Development department. Imagine, all developers, testers, users. All posible hardware & software we use every day. All Apple needs to get that knowlege is to read this forum instead of spending money on R&D. Finally, ask your self why on Earth did Apple decided to release stripped down, free of charge version of OS X and name it "Mavericks"? Long story short, Apple can easily put us out of the game. Still they don't. Why? Everything boils down to profit. As long money is flowing towards the kitty, they don't care. Finally, You may ask me: Knowing all this, why You use Hackintosh? Honestly, my first iHack was more or less a self build trial version. It only purpose was to find out is genuine OS X computer something I like to use or not before buying one. First one was very cheap, actually it cost ma only a spare HDD and a sleepless weekend. For my current rig I've spend so much money and time that a genuine iMac is a bargin. You nay ask yourself why I still stick to iHack? Because I'm a Maverick and believe that operating system shod be free of charge. Apple finally made it so! Steve R.I.P. but with all due respect, I only want your software, not your hardware! Now I have it. Thanks! c-u l8er ...
  8. UPDATE: - download 10.8.5 combo update - make an image of working configuration ( just in case ... ) - copy all added and or edited kexts - install combo update - possible KP : make sure you have installed NullCPUPowerManagement.kext ( I've removed mine at some point for some reason I can't remember any more ) - don't reboot - compare added and or edited kext's - if needed reedit or reinstall kext's or just as I did if you have same VGA, take the plunge! - repair permissions, rebuild cache, cross your fingers and reboot ...
  9. long story short: just run 10.8.4 update and enjoy!
  10. tepaks

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    @janek202 tnx for the update! ​can you also add description of dart=0 option for those not familiar with this tweak?
  11. Disabling vt-d in bios didn't work on my iHack. Only after adding dart=0 I was able to boot in to 10.8.3. just to find out that it rendered VMWare Fusion useless. So for those who want to use virtual machines this isn't a good fix but to all others it may be a good temporary solution instead of rolling back AppleACPIPlatform.kext to 10.8.1
  12. I care, reading this thread wasn't waste of time and it helped me solve KP after 10.8.2 combo on my new iHack. TNX all who joined and contributed they knowledge to this discussion. If I was only lucky enough to bump to this thread sooner, instead of spending so manny hours goggling for the right solution.
  13. tepaks

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    @janek202 dart=0 is a kernel flag that disables intel virtualization cpu option. This will prevent KP on sandy bridge after 10.8.2 or 10.8.3 update. It also, for the same KP reason, removes need to roll back to 10.8.1 AppleACPIPlatform.kext Drawback of this option is that it will render software like VMWare fusion in x64 mode useless. KP on intel virtualization capable hardware is an issue introduced by 10.8.2 and isn't limited to iHack. Genuine Mac's owners experience same problem. more detailed info about this issue can be read here reason I'm asking for this change is that after manually editing of org.chameleon.boot.plist to add this flag, using chameleon wizard will remove it from .plist I've tested this on my latest iHack ASUS CM6330 ML 10.8.3
  14. tepaks


    @iFire: Tnx for the reply. hibernate mode 0 & 3 system enters sleep mode only to wake up immediately during boot in mode 1 I get this error Header read size 200 Incorrect Image Signature syslog | grep -i sleep report: mac-pro:~ syslog | grep -i sleep May 6 18:42:45 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 6 19:52:02 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 6 19:56:49 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 8 10:24:07 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 8 13:01:48 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 8 17:47:54 Mac-Pro kernel[0] <Debug>: [bNBMouseDevice][sendData][84-fc-fe-e5-6f-d3] commandSleep in sendData returned an error May 8 17:49:30 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 8 19:05:03 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 8 20:06:32 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 9 09:38:07 mac-pro kernel[0] <Debug>: hibernate image path: /var/vm/sleepimage May 9 09:38:53 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 9 09:40:03 mac-pro kernel[0] <Debug>: hibernate image path: /var/vm/sleepimage May 9 09:41:16 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700 May 9 09:58:41 mac-pro kernel[0] <Debug>: hibernate image path: /var/vm/sleepimage May 9 09:59:23 localhost kernel[0] <Debug>: Sleep failure code 0x00000000 0x1f006700