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Dell e520 os x 10.7.3 graphics card support

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Wow, this is my first thread/post here. I was impressed by the fact I had to clear two quiz before i could post.

at least a tech forum where little know how is expected before ppl start bombarding questions & queries.


Now if this is covered already then please guide me there but trust me i have come after enough search.


I have my old pc dell e520 which i have been very satisfied with but yes always eyes apple os.

till the time it could be installed only with custom distro it didnot interest me much. but now with os x 7 & 8

definitely yes.


so i used ##### & ##### to install os x lion 10.7.3 almost a year back.

my config is core2duo with intel g965 chipset with integrated graphics gma x3000

2 gb ram and 2 hdd. 320 & 250


now everything went as smooth as it can get and i have win7 on 320 & os x on 250.

from the mac boot i can opt either of them.

all my components been tested and work webcam, bluetooth, lan, audio, dvd, 6 usb, etc.


but my onboard graphics isnt supported and hence i have been looking for an oob card with full qe/ci support.

read many guides but always saw hiccups here and there except for the expensive cards.

as at least in my country they are pricey for me. a hd6870 costs more than 200$ and my budget is max 100$


hd 5450,6450,6570,6670--------en210-------gt610,620,630 namely in asus, gigabyte & sapphire brands.

easily available & in my budget.


can you please guide or confirm if any of these would work oob or native on my rig.

i even found nvidia released drivers in early 2012 for 10.7.3 but couldnt find any card here mentioned in its support list.


i will appreciate alot if anyone can help me complete this so i can happily begin using my 22 inch screen with old trusted pc.

as not being sure and tight on budget i havent been able to do anything since such a long time.

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With no response from anyone I searched and read more and finally bought Asus en 210 1 gb.


It works with full resolution. Just have to figure out qe ci


UPDATE: All done and full QE/CI with OpenCL after latest official Nvidia drivers

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Have been successfully using 10.7.5 for a while now.

Recently upgraded to Mavericks with no issues except it did not support the Asus en210 at all. The integrated gma x3000 don't provide full resolution or hardware acceleration. Everything else worked.

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