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Lian-Li Q07A Mini-ITX Cube


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My dear InsanelyMac Community,

for approx. 3 years I'm part of this community and even that I don't post a lot of stuff, I read a lot in this forum.

Someone told me that I should post my x86 Projects in this area and so I start with the newest one that I've build for my dad in 03/2012.










Specs: Zotac H67-ITX, Core i3-2125 with HD3000 graphics, 8GB DDR3-1666 Ram, 120GB Crucial SSD (that's what you can see on this pictures), now with 16GB Ram, passiv HD7750 Graphics and 2TB WD Black intern for some final cut-projects and a lot of NAS Storage in his network for his video-stuff etc.. Build into an Lian-Li Q07A Mini-ITX Cube which is fully isulated against noise from the only Fan (CPU-Fan). We have used a passiv power supply with 130Watt. 10.7.4 as OS and 2* Dell 23" Displays.














What is comming next: We will replace the stock cpu-cooler with an large passiv tower cooler and add a 500rpm 120mm Fan regulated through the motherboard in the backplate.


Our Aim for this project: Replace his old Mac Mini with a x86 Custom Build that cost half the price of a slower Mac Mini and that is not louder than the old one.

What we've spend until now: 400€ for the first round of componentes (case, cpu, 8gig ram, SSD, passiv power supply, etc.), and approx. 200€ for the discrete graphics, 3.5" HDD etc.

Temps: around 50°C CPU and 30°C Case-Temp

Power Consumption with PicoPSU-90+ 12V/8A AC/DC: around 35W in idle desktop/surfing with wifi, 40w playing 1080p movie in vlc, 87w full load.


I hope you like it ;)




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very clean build. Is that dynamat used for sound dampening? how does it compare, noise wise, to the mini? obviously the mini has no fans, but you seem to have done a fantastic job of isolating the single fan noise. very clean system.


Please post your other builds!!

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