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  1. hi guys, is there someone around with an 5820k (or other haswell-e) on mojave? maybe even with an Asrock X99m Extreme4 Mobo?
  2. does anyone solved XCPM implementation on an 5820k? Ive followed most closly the E.1) steps described. Bios settings with latest microcode patch for my Asrock X99m Extreme4, Bios settings Advanced\CPU Configuration\CPU Power Management Configuration\ Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST): disabled) Turbo mode: Enabled CPU C-State: Enabled Enhanced C1 State: Enabled CPU C3 Report: Enabled CPU C6 Report: Enabled Package C State Limit: C6(non Retention) state a) there is no locked msr register on my asrock x99m extreme4, so no kernelpm and no xcpm core scope msrs pike r patch, b) added the fakecpu id 0x0306F2 c) active d) active e) active f) also active PluginType in SSDT Patch update 3 now with speedstep, EIST Performance FIX for Broadwell-E and Haswell-E is different: Broadwell-E FIND C1E30848 63D389D0 48C1EA20 B9990100 000F3048 FF05B38F 76004883 C4085B5D C30F1F40 00 REPLACE B800FF00 004863D3 89D048C1 EA20B999 0100000F 3048FF05 B38F7600 4883C408 5B5DC390 90 Haswell-E FIND C1E30848 63D389D0 48C1EA20 B9990100 000F3048 FF05938D 76004883 C4085B5D C30F1F40 00 Replace BB00FF00 004863D3 89D048C1 EA20B999 0100000F 3048FF05 93AE7600 4883C408 5B5DC390 90 Still I dont think im done with XCPM Performance Geekbench 4 Results with 5820k at 4GHz low, and intel power gadget cpu frequency curve is low: P-States etc: USB In addition, can someone help me with my board-specific XHC USB kext for Asrock X99m Extreme4? OLD SCREENSHOTS
  3. Question: KGP does not tells me to install clover boot loader to the usb installer, am I correct? Or do I miss something here? I want to update my Asrock X99m Extreme4 hackintosh from El Capitan to Mojave but I always have problems with creating the usb installer to boot from. Do I really just need to copy the EFI folder decribed in C and D Section to the EFI Partition? in the past, clover was always needed for bootup.
  4. Hi Mieze, just a short feedback! It works with full speed now, I've updated my OMV 2.x to the most recent 3.x version (Openmediavault) - and I think I messed up my SMB settings on the old version in the past due to my fixing in 2016 with the old hackintosh mac pro 5.1 on Asus P6TSE. Now with 110MB/s nice and clean, thanks for your help! I love this community!
  5. Hi Mieze, AFP yields the same result, so I guess its power management. any further recommendations?
  6. In addition to my OS X update I'm updating my OMV NAS, AFP activation is again some steps I dont like to take today as I plan the update for monday and there are some huge Raid60 behind it :/ maybe I can give a feedback around Tuesday about AFP performance. But like I said, OMV NAS with SMB to WIN10 full speed 1000BaseT.
  7. Hi Mieze thanks for the fast reply I've followed this tut: https://kb.promise.com/thread/disable-smb-signing-on-os-x-10-11-5-10-12-x/ SMB Share does not need Package Signing anymore but not better. Hovers between 51 to 55mb/s depending on energy-efficienty on or off. SMB_Version 1 is old, but Win10 works flawless with it. Should I change it to SMB_2?
  8. Hi Guys, I'm still running 10.11.6 as it works flawless with my Asrock X99M Extreme4 and i7-5820k, still I'm in the run for my Update to 10.13.x. The Asrock X99M provides me with Intel I218-V and Qualcomm AR8171. With the use of Win10 and the I218V i get full 110MB/s up or down to my NAS (update to 10GB BaseT will come). I have CAT7 connections all over the place, the NAS or Network is not a problem. The Problem: OS X is my main OS and there, I just get 55MB/s from my I218-V with the intelmausieethernet.kext. I tried every settings in advanced tab like energy efficiency etc. Even with my AR8171 connection used (AtherosE2200Ethernet.kext) I peak out at around 63MB/s. I use the npci=0x2000 setting for boot (dunno why anymore), this is the next try I give a go, boot without this flag and check if it changes anything.
  9. Multisaft

    El Capitan: Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio

    Hi toleda, I need some help I guess: 10.11.6, smbios mac pro 6.1, I'm on a Asrock X99M with ALC 1150, but with some minor changes to my dsdt (mac pro 6.1 smbios with gtx 970), my gtx1 graphics is not added with original dsdt, so I've changed my dsdt: changed BR3A.H000 to BR3A.H00Y, changed BR3A.H001 to BR3A.HDA1 see attached dsdt with this change I was able to add GFX1 to BR3A device tree to solve the NVIDIA Driver issue (pikes AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy patch in config.plist does not work for me). I've attached the dsdt as well as the ssdt. but now I've managed to destroy my working audio configuration. I've followed your description on page 1 post 1 for x99 (steps 1-5) with 1.Rename dsdt/ALSA to HDEF (Select one method) (ive using both methods clover config and ssdt.aml) 2. restart (alza is hdef on PCI0/AppleACPIPCI/HDEF@1B 3. Install Realtek ALC Audio (see Realtek ALC Installation Methods) Method I used: audio_clover_alc command with realtekALC.kext in /clover/kexts/others (attached) 4. Add x99 HD Audio device_id Method I used: first try clover config kexttopatch send try: patched appleHDA.kext still no sound in the systempanel. no hdmi audio as well. I'm just lost I've attached every stuff you requested in problem solving area. Asrock x99m Insanelymac.zip
  10. Multisaft

    Clover General discussion

    hi guys, can someone plz check my config.plist? i've added a bunch of stuff (mainly dsdt patches) to my config.plist and now, clover-configurator is not able to read it anymore. plistedit pro tells me the following error: JSON-Parsing-Fehler: Illegal start of token [<] at index 0). I dont find a not closed < or a double << config.plist.zip
  11. Multisaft

    [GUIDE] USB Fix El Capitan 10.11

    I would again ask for some help, can someone plz look into my x99m injection info.plist and tell me, what i'm doing wrong?
  12. Multisaft

    NVMe Express digging

    everything is well known and documented in this forum or can be found via google also, pike and marc did some fantastic IONVMeFamily patch within the last days, check: https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/
  13. yes here too! i needed to ad a ssdt patch for internal/external pin request. Asrock x99m Extreme4, AppleIIGuy, can you maybe help me with some other major problems I have with my board? Sleep/Hibernation, USB.