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  1. Hi Guys, oh god I made a damn noob error total fail etc. I would ask for some quick help as this is my main I changed my flawless running 10.14.5 X99 5820k with vega56 config.plist. Why: because facetime did not worked and a tipp was to update your uuid in your clover config file. so what I did: Termial: uuidgen copied the uuid to my config.plist in clover configurator and changed the name of the config.plist to config_uuid.plist what i did not taken into consideration is that the rename function in clover does rename the original config.plist and does not copy the existing one. so i rebooted and fount out at startup, that clover does changed its skin to an old config.plist still present in my boot folder. in clovers config path there are now two configs: - config_10_14_5.plist (old and broken) and the renamed - config_uuid.plist (which is my original config.plist with the changed uuid) so clover defaults to the wrong old _10.14.5.config at bootup, I thought not a deal, just change it to use the config_uuid.plist that brought me back to the correct cpuid and boot args. But now I'm stucked during bootup - after some verbose messages from LULU and data, it comes to a hold at line: busy timeout[0], (60s): 'AppleACPICPU' this line is repeated for 5 or 6 times, than some other lines posted to fast to read and after that my monitor goes into standby and vega56 gpu fans spin up. edit 1: i've found my usb installer with an old efi configuration - that should let me boot up but it does fail as well during boot with the same appleacpicpu busy timeout error. attached the efi folder I used various dsdt and ssdt patches/tabels for my build which is close to the maybe famous KGP X99 build: can someone plz help me to resolve this issue? thank you! EFI.zip EDIT NEXT DAY: Problem solved with a boot into windows, mounted EFI Partition on my M2 Mac Drive, rename of my config.plist and reboot into Mac I'm back online.
  2. Multisaft

    Hackintool v3.x.x

    2019-02-23 18:21:00.330 Hackintool[477:5264] Initializing General 2019-02-23 18:21:00.330 Hackintool[477:5264] macOS Version: Version 10.14.3 (Build 18D109) 2019-02-23 18:21:00.330 Hackintool[477:5264] Model Identifier: iMac18,1 2019-02-23 18:21:00.330 Hackintool[477:5264] IntelGen: Coffee Lake 2019-02-23 18:21:00.330 Hackintool[477:5264] PlatformID: 0x3E9B0007 2019-02-23 18:21:00.331 Hackintool[477:5264] GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 (8086:3E92) 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Quartz Extreme Supported: Yes 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Metal Supported: Yes 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Metal Device Name: Intel(R) KBL Unknown 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Metal Low Power: Yes 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Metal Headless: No 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Total VRAM available: 1536 MB 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Free VRAM available: 0 MB (0 Bytes) 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] Initializing Clover 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] -[NSTableView copyWithZone:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fdf51f53db0 2019-02-23 18:21:00.332 Hackintool[477:5264] -[NSTableView copyWithZone:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fdf51f53db0
  3. Multisaft

    Hackintool v3.x.x

    hey, thanks for the fast feedback. see attached still nothing with your 1.8.8 do you need any other information?
  4. Multisaft

    Hackintool v3.x.x

    Hi, another help request. I'm building a mac mini replacement for my dad with an Asrock Z370M-ITX/Ac in combination with Intel Core i5-8400. With attached EFI Folder I was able to install 10.14.3. For configuration (Framebuffer patch maybe, USB) I would love to use Hackintool, but whatever I try, hackintools v1.8.7 does show no information at all about Framebuffer patching, Audio device tree, USB device tree etc. Or it does not show loaded kexts, even boot log shows clearly loaded lilu, whatevergreen, applealc, usbinjectall (startet with usb patch process). What I'm doing wrong? Attached some Screens, my EFI Folder and Framebuffer debug EFI.zip AppleIntelFramebuffer_10_18.2
  5. Ok, so I need to find out what files I need to update in my EFI Folder to replace the old clover with the new version, can you give me a hint? I don't want to replace mine with your 10.14.3 because I like it more to go through each step on my own so not to miss anything. Must I use the clover installer to update the respective efi partition, or is it just for example some files in the clover path? After Clover update, I will just update my Lilu ones more and add the respective performance patch. thanks!
  6. Hi KGP, a quick question: I'm on 10.14.2 at the moment with your EFI 10.14.2 folder and the truncated 15-port XHC USB kext (I also use a Asus x99-A II). See Screenshot. I'm using the newest Lilu and WhateverGreen.kext, as well as my own Vega56 ssdt setup (what works awesome). When I download your EFI folder, it is missing the XHCI 15port kext in your folder as well as tscadjustreset and whatevergreen. I guess because it is the basic EFI Folder for the first usb installer boot procedure etc.? Question for my update routine to 10.14.3: Should I first update to 10.14.3, or first update clover, edit my config to replace the performance_patch, reboot and after that update to 10.14.3? In addition: I used your CPU Type solution provided on page 3 to replace the cpu information in the system environment stating "3.3 GHz unknown" but it does not solve the issue:
  7. good morning KGP, I really do not understand what I'm doing different to others, too! :-D But after my last post I did what I written down, updated to the latest Lilu, without any Vega56 SSDT but with Whatevergreen.kext and now I'm on 4k@60Hz and with GFX0. As I had run out of time yesterday, I will follow your SSDT Vega 56 implementation today and will retest yours as well as creating my own (undervolting and Idle fan speeds etc. - just as I like to do it on my own as it interests me). What I read in the VGTab tutorial, there are users reporting issues using the kext created from VGTab in combination with the whatevergreen.kext (failed boot procedures). Is that the reason you implemented the various correct OC and fan-settings for vega in your ssdt implementation? I will give you a screenshot of the config plist I downloaded (with date of download), it is the config I downloaded from your first post in this thread and which I used to clearly had no problem creating a USB installer as well as taking the first steps in the clean Mojave install. I don't think that I totally messed up my EFI-Folder, I just updated in accordance to your guide. I can upload my config.plist if you like to or if you want to recheck if I failed in other steps :-D To be honest I have absolutely no problem with the fact that I run into some minor issues, that helps me to understand what we are doing with our installations. Regarding the Vega56 SSDT, can you tell me if you undervolted P5-P7 and how I can change your SSDT to 0rpm fanspeed at idle? Benchmarks Update: when I use your Vega56 SSDT with GFX0, there is no 0rpm fanspeed at idle. Can you give me a hint how to fix this? I see 1.61GHz GPU clocks as well as 900MHz GPU Ram speeds. that is nice, looks like you undervolted? In addition, I found out that my pkg Power delivery is not monitored in intel power gadget. See attached my config.plist and screenshots. Luxmark gives me even 1.65GHz at GPU speed, nice. CONFIG PLIST config.plist here my vega56 SSDT SSDT-X99-Vega56.aml undervolted and oced to 1.66ghz with 900mhz ram clock, lowest possible idle rpm (0rpm does not work?) results almost the same as above
  8. ok now with powercolor vega56 red dragon and without displayport 1.2 connection to my 40", so no 4k@60hz. and not even 4k@30hz. with hdmi, 4k@30hz is possible for my tries: 1. try: just added your vega56 ssdt implementation, this resulted in massive fanspeeds due to your oc and fan control settings, I guess. with or without whatevergreen.kext no displayport connection. 2. try: deleted everythin, your ssdt implementation, now still no displayport connection, idle fan control works with 0rpm in idle but under load normal vega problems with high fan speeds and no reversion back to low fan speeds or zero fan speed. so I googled and found the various informations in tonymacs about VGTab control. there, I understood, that I dont have my Vega56 on GFX0, I searched in my config.plist that I used from your folder KGP and found that the change GFX0 to IGPU was enabled in the dsdt patching section. I disabled it, but still there is no GFX0 found from gfxutil (also from tonymacs support sites). Now I'm lost. Next idea: update lilu and whatevergreen in recommendation from the VGTab guide
  9. Hi Guys, short feedback, I've updated to the X99-A II and it looks like XCPM with 5820k cpu work flawless. sadly the sapphire pulse rx580 does not work the way I expected it. Just HDMI does work and my Philipps 40" does not support 4k at 60Hz over HDMI (old version), and all the Displayport 1.2 solutions do not work as well (yes I used the RX580.aml). So Sleep/wake issues are also present (black screen problem). I decided to invest even further as I need this workstation for both (WIN as well as Mac) and ordered a PowerColor Radeon RX Vega 56 Red Dragon. I hope that this will fix my Displayport as well as sleep/wake issues. I just want to thank KGP for his support and all the other guys for such incredible easy to install hackintoshes. I'm around in this community for a long time (not as active as some others) and did my first x86 on an Asus P6T-SE with Core i7-920 and holy this was a messup to get OS X running. What a difference it is today when you just stick to hardware used from our community!
  10. Yes Plugintype is checked (activated), TSCAdjustReset.kext is patched to 11 in accordance to your guide (12-1). I always had problems with the X99M under el capitan, maybe its time to switch. I've bought an used X99-A II, I will start from scratch when it arrives.
  11. yes right at startup the cpu goes to 4ghz and than idles back as all the chrome windows etc. are loaded. sorry what is an IPG snapshot? cinebench does not wake the cpu up: appleintelinfo does not find pstates of 40 etc.: also switched to a sapphire pulse rx580 8GB, but no displayport out, only hdmi 30hz 4k (i know i need to follow your instructions on that). CPU is unkown:
  12. Hi KGP ok next round after update to 10.14.2 with fakecpuid 0x0306F2 1) cpuid_set_info disabled 2) xcpm_bootstrap haswell-e enabled (from your readme.md on x99 repository 3) xcpm_performance_patch for 10.14.2 as posted above enabled 4) smt_scope_msrs 1/2 enabled 5) xcpm_pkg_scope_msrs enabled no with xcpm mode 1 but just base frequency. the cpu does push to higher frequencies after boot:
  13. Hi KGP, thanks for your feedback. Ive gone through your recommendations ones more and disabled my kerneltopatch entries which I found for haswell-E in various topics (insanelymac.com, most of them from nmano): with your recommended patches i dont get xcpm speedsteping on 10.14.1, this is the bootstraß patch, the performance patch and smt scope 1/2 patches you recommend in your tutorial. my geekbench score is at the level I would say is max. for 4gh 5820k with slow 32gb ddr4 2133 mhz ram, but the cpu does not idle anymore, all the time full 4ghz frequency.
  14. hi guys, is there someone around with an 5820k (or other haswell-e) on mojave? maybe even with an Asrock X99m Extreme4 Mobo?