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RSS Widget for InsanelyMac


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I am using this RSS reader widget to read our RSS, but I know that with Leopard you can build Widgets easily.

I think this widget I'm using is very ugly (compared to the others I use), and I can't find anything good to replace it.

My suggestion is, if you know how to build widgets (if you're using Leopard), could you make us a InsanelyMac RSS reader widget? With the theme, and all. That would be awesome.

What do you guys think? Forgive me if we already have one, I tried searching and I didnt find.

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Heh, I was a little impatient so I learned how to make a widget and here's what I came up with:



PS: Icon based on jonz14's avatar, based on InsanelyMac's logo. I didn't have the font for the title, so I used Apple's Garamond. Oh, and I'm waiting for yours too, Colonel. I just couldn't wait... hehe.



I hope you enjoy.


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This isn't a widget but IMHO is something more cool.... do what follows...


Add InsanelyMac's RSS to Safari RSS.

Go to your ScreenSaver settings, select the RSS visualizer and in Options select the Insanelymac feed.


Now open your Terminal.

type what follows:

/System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ScreenSaverEngine.app/Contents/MacOS/ScreenSaverEngine -background


Now you have real time RSS of InsanelyMac as your desktop background!

Enjoy it!


Here's a screenshot:




P.S.: leave the Terminal open or you'll get the standard Background back! :(

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After trying all three widgets on this thread it seems that the ultumate RSS widget has to be a combination of all three.


It must have the looks of the widget other posted on post 2

- the InsanelyMac look was class and it's not too strong either.


It must show News and Forum information and the information ideally should have a summery as does widget brewno posted in post 1. There should be a tab to switch from News to Forum.


But the font size should be that of widget brewno posted in post 27.

-Others are too big and would require too much scrolling.


All in all we're making good progress.

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