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Working Bluetooth adapters in ML (dp4?)

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Well it's not 4.0, but I just wired in one of these, it's a bit older model available on G5 and early MacPro and intel iMac's. The proprietary connector on it that would go into the Mac's motherboard is not used and is instead wired by soldering to the contact patches shown. The overall size of the board is very small, making the patches to solder on tiny and I needed a magnifying glass to help me see my work. Used onboard USB header for data and ground and used 3.3v from power supply's sata connectors instead of power from USB bus with some form of voltage regulator. It works native and apple bluetooth keyboard can even be used in the BIOS. Similar methods can be done with BT cards from newer macs which have friendlier pinouts with plugs on them along with newer BT spec revisions, but this was more fun :)



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This USB adapter works OOB but requires a dummy kext (BroadcomAppleBluetooth by AnV) to get sleep working properly. Can't really say about sleep cause I don't really use it.




They've got a Bluetooth 4.0 adapter too (http://www.iogear.com/product/GBU521/) but I don't know if it's compatible with OS X.

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I have attached a System Report as well as a picture.

The manufacturer is Broadcom, it's inexpensive and works 100% in SL, L and ML DP1 up to DP4 all updates.

They come in different colours, choose the red one, the others colours don't work.

No idea why not, no idea.


Hope this helps.





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