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  1. This fixed it for me since 10.10 To stop that from happening, put the following in a script file called STOP_NSURLSTORAGED or whatever you want to call it. do shell script "sudo launchctl unload -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.nsurlstoraged.plist" user name "YourUsername" password "YourPassword" with administrator privileges do shell script "sudo launchctl unload -F /System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.nsurlsessiond.plist" user name "YourUsername" password "YourPassword" with administrator privileges do shell script "sudo launchctl unload -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.nsurlsessiond.plist" user name "YourUsername" password "YourPassword" with administrator privileges do shell script "sudo launchctl unload -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.nsurlstoraged.plist" user name "YourUsername" password "YourPassword" with administrator privileges (Remember to replace YourUsername with your user name.) (The same applies to YourPassword.) Save it as an Application, then call it at startup from System Preferences, Users & Groups, Login Items Hope this helps if you still have that problem. Regards
  2. Need Help with ATI6850 QE/CI in Mavericks (Clover)

    Just in case you want to use Clover inject For Clover Kernel and Kext Patches for MSI R6850 patched on the fly. AMD6000Controller Find (HEX) 0004000004030000000100001204050100040000040300000001000022050402000800000402000000010000110206040002000014020000000100000000030504000000040200000001000011020103 Replace (HEX) 0004000004030000000100001204050100080000040200000001000022050404000200001402000000010000000003050400000004020000000100001102010600040000040300000001000022050602 QE/CI and all ports including HDMI visual and sound. This works well. Using it on Yosemite 10.10.2 Regards
  3. I have attached two results from Xbench 1.3. Yes, I know it's outdated but since I started running my first Hackintosh I've been using it for a benchmark. It paid off, as now I could determine what is causing my performance problem in Yosemite. One is for Mavericks and the other for Yosemite. Results; Mavericks: 375.32 Yosemite : 178.58 What causes this huge difference can be found in User Interface Test Elements; Mavericks : User Interface Test 480.20 Elements 480.20 2.20 Krefresh/sec Yosemite : User Interface Test 55.65 Elements 55.65 255.42 refresh/sec What I am interested in, is it my build or is this actually a Yosemite problem? Any responses and/or fixes would be appreciated. Regards Mavericks Bench 375% - MavSSD.txt Yosemite 10.10.2 Bench 178% - YosemiteSSd.txt
  4. Mac blocked...very stupid man...I...

    Try this, worked on previous revisions. Tricking your Mac into creating a new user account 1. Power on or restart your Mac (should work for any Mac OS X system). 2. At the chime (or grey screen if your chime is turned off), hold down Command+S on your keyboard to enter single-user mode. 3. This step is optional, but it’s a good idea because it checks the consistency of the hard disk before moving on. At the prompt, type fsck -fy and press Enter/Return. Wait for the checks to complete before going to the next step. 4. Type mount -uw / and press Enter. 5. Type rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone and press Enter. Type shutdown -h now and press Enter. Create a new account using different info as previously done. As soon as you have restarted follow the following steps; Click apple, System Preferences,
  5. 10.8.3 on HD6850

    Hi mediamac I have a MSI R6850 oc /pe and works perfectly in 10.8.3. Playing Games such as; Call Of Duty - World at War Tomb Raider - Underworld Both smoothley. All ports working, including HDMI Card Details; Device ID: 6739 Vendor ID: 1002 Try the following; Install Chameleon v2.2svn r2172 with Chameleon Wizard set SMBIOS as iMac 13,1 with Chameleon Wizard set org.chameleon.Boot as folow; Graphics Enabler = No AtiConfig = Gibba AtiPorts = 4 and install the attached kext; Make certain that you backed up as to recover if things go wrong!!!! If your card Device and Vendor ID is the same, then it should. Hope this helps. Regards ATI6000Controller.kext.zip AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext.zip ATISupport.kext.zip
  6. I have attached a System Report as well as a picture. The manufacturer is Broadcom, it's inexpensive and works 100% in SL, L and ML DP1 up to DP4 all updates. They come in different colours, choose the red one, the others colours don't work. No idea why not, no idea. Hope this helps. Regards
  7. Nvdia GT220 & ML-DP4

    Here is an easier method; Just found and tested this a few minutes ago; Install attached kext in /Extra/Extensions. Repair permissions and reboot. It unfortunately states Unknown Nvidia Card else all is working 100%. Playing Call of Duty 5 flawlessly. Keep Chameleon settings as in above post. That's it! Enjoy! NVEnabler 64.kext.zip
  8. Nvdia GT220 & ML-DP4

    Hi terrorgen I have a Point of View, Nvidia GT220 2048 Mb working 100% in ML DP4. Method as follow; Extract the Video Card's rom in Windows. (There's a few methods that can be used to achieve this. I can not remember what I used unfortunately. You will have to Google) Rename the file with the .rom extension as follow; Details for my card is as follow; Vendor ID = 10de Device ID = 0a20 so that the file looks as follow; 10de_0a20.rom You will have to get your cards Vendor and Device ID's and implement them as I did above. Place this file in /Extra in ML DP4. Install Enoch's Chameleon Bootloader r1999. (Works good for me) Ensure that you use the following boot flags: GrahicsEnabler=Yes, UseNvidiaROM=Yes and VBIOS=Yes Dual Monitor, Mirror displays, Resolution and QE/CI all working. Attached is some screen shots. Realy hope this helps you. NOTE: This method has been working ever-since Snow Leopard. Good luck Regards If I am transgressing any rules in posting the above, humble apologies in advance.