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  1. I don't have such behavior. I had this with my desktop too. There it is on PEG, so my ssdt won't help. google ssdt-nvme.
  2. Got it fixed Thanks SSDT-ThinkPad_ClickPad.aml
  3. Since I use your base config, I have the same problem. But sleep works, red LED flashes. WIFI stays warm. I worked around that by disable WIFI using sleep watcher.
  4. With my t460 it was better than 470 does. The only annoying is scrolling with Trackpoint and middle button. It opens tons of new safari tabs .
  5. Be careful, your link shows a CSAX which is longer than CS2 and uses 3 antennas
  6. did you enabled the kext in OC config.plist? I am using an original Apple wifi module.
  7. hot-plug does not work if there is multi port adapter in place during boot it is possible to use usb sticks with it. new EFI with thermal control fix EFI.zip
  8. please describe how mutex patch works in OC config or send this part I only found patch for DSDT. found it here: https://github.com/jsassu20/OpenCore-HotPatching-Guide/blob/master/11-1-OC-Thinkpad Battery Patch/Rename Sample/TP battery Mutex is set to 0 and renamed.plist
  9. yes, the Huawei ME906s in T460 works fine. Here are the drivers HuaweiDataCardDriver_10_9.zip
  10. verleihnix

    [Release] macOS 10.15.4 is out!

    This does not work anymore with latest clover 5109 and lastest acidantheras kexts. Back to 5107 and your kexts it recovers from display sleep.
  11. I tried it with my own serial, boardsierial and UUID. It boots up fine. It gave me failures to iCloud. Didn't checked that out, perhaps it is only a re-login to services. To test further I have to prepare second volume. There is also a OC fork with a nice GUI picker and other useful stuff. For example not to have quirks for windows (fake Mac to windows) https://github.com/n-d-k/OpenCorePkg https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/341402-customized-opencore-with-additional-features
  12. verleihnix

    [Release] macOS 10.15.4 is out!

    in my HD530 video only GA-H110, HDMI did not recover from display sleep. It stays black.
  13. Update to 10.15.4 went fine I updated Clover to 5107 before
  14. does the t470 accept non Lenovo WIFI cards as t460 does?