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[Solved] F12 to Open/Close tray? (see page 4)

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I don't remember what I did in Lion... But now in Mountain Lion DP4, how do you set the F12 key to open/close optical drive tray? :worried_anim:


btw, I changed Dashboard shortcut to F10 & I don't have an eject button on this apple keyboard.


edit: download and use AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext... see page 4 @janel_f's post.

@everdone: I tried that dose not work for me. So I changed Dashboard to F10. I usually kill Dashboard all together but since it's DP, I kept it on to check out.

I tried using an Apple keyboard and holding F12 will indeed not open the drive. Only the Eject key will open the drive. I have several Windows keyboards and the two I have tried will both open the drive by holding F12.


Obviously there is a difference, but I don't know why or how!

What actually appears in Keyboard Preferences apparently depends on the keyboard attached. I have a Windows style keyboard attached and it has neither the F1, F2 choice nor the Bluetooth setup that eep shows (I bet he has a bluetooth keyboard attached that has the Fn key).


If I connect an Apple keyboard the Change Keyboard button is not present. My conclusion is that Mac OS senses the keyboard and its features and configures accordingly.


Apparently Apple keyboards are not mapped the same as Windows keyboards as far as the F keys are concerned, hence F12 on the G3 keyboard will not active the drive tray.

Yeah I don't see those settings either.


I have a Logitech Wave OSX/Windows keyboard that uses Logitech software on both OS.

On this keyboard, the F12 key also has the eject symbol on it and I can open/close my DVD drive by pressing Fn+F12 in both OS X and Windows. In OS X pressing F12 by itself opens Dashboard.

interesting, that screen shot was from my hackintosh which has both apple bluetooth keyboard and a dell usb keyboard attached(for bios and stuff), my mac book with just built in keyboard has exact same settings panel except for the change keyboard type and battery meter in the lower left, both have the setup bluetooth keyboard option while bluetooth is disabled on macbook atm so it doesn't steal my keyboard/trackpad when pairing with the hack, it's running 10.7.4 cause it can't run ML :(. Gonna try disabling apple bluetooth keyboard and reboot with just the dell USB keyboard in a little while and see what happens. Also have a Logitech s510 OSX wireless USB keyboard I gave to my roommate I'll re-confiscate and try out too

OK, without apple bluetooth keyboard, check box is gone. Booting with only the dell windows keyboard, holding F12 will eject DVD and then 1 more press to close tray, otherwise F12 gives dashboard. Logitech apple keyboard, older model, s 510 (circa 2005) without any logitech software installed, F12 will only show/hide dashboard but it has separate eject button that works fine, also it's power button works to shut down and sleep as well as wake. I know it doesn't help anyone much to say mine all works just fine, but there you go.

Well I also tried my Win keyboard... which is recognized as a Dell USB keyboard (I don't usually have it connected) but even so F12 dose not open tray.


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Just checked again using my Dell usb keyboard under the GM and even with apple bluetooth keyboard connected, holding f12 for about 2 seconds opens the tray just fine still. I wish I knew why mine works when nobody else's does. Got pretty standard stuff going. USB keyboard is enabled in bios, ECHI handoff is disabled. USBBusFix=Yes in boot.plist. No PS/2 kexts installed. Don't know what else to say.

While posting on another mostly unrelated topic, it just clicked for me why this works, without SATA set as ESB2, OSX sees DVD drive as external which can cause DVD player errors, so F12 to eject is also not working because OSX is seeing your DVD drive as an external one rather than a built-in internal drive. Fix that and F12 to eject should be fixed too.

Ok that makes sense. My DVD Player app was not working and throwing an error as it thought the internal DVD drive was external. I fixed that problem by editing /System/Library/Frameworks/DVDPlayback.framework/Versions/A/DVDPlayback with 0xED app and replacing any reference to "Internal" with "External"


My DVD drive is on the Intel ICH10 AHCI controller, what bad things will happen to my HDDs if I change it to ESB2?

I've yet to have any bad things, just always be cautious and back up anything important. I think editing frameworks is worse :) GV had a slightly more elegant solution to achieve the same results once it's set up, keeping the controller recognized as native ICHx , but I haven't had the time to look into it more quite yet.

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