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Clover v2 r480 EFI bootloader pkg + Win_USBTools

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r480 UnOfficial announced revision from svn, may come with some bugs still need to be fixed. (you may still get some errors or bugs.)



Install to MBR+GPT on Mac: use Clover_v2_r480_pkg+boot1h2.zip

Install to GPT EFI on Mac: use EFI_Tools_Clover_v2_r480_EN.zip

Install to USB Fat32 on Win: use Win_USBTools-Fat32_Clover_v2_r480.zip


Rev 480. Support to install InstallESD.dmg to GPT.( 10.7.x + 10.8.x )



How to install InstallESD.dmg to GPT. since r480.


First, you need to Restore InstallESD.dmg to disk by using Disk Utility.

Then, follow the stage 1 and stage 2 to install 10.7.x or 10.8.x to GPT, and auto-create the Recovery HD used for iCloud.


Stage 1


1.Remove kernelcache in InstallESD.dmg/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist.

<key>Kernel Cache</key> remove this line.

<string>xxxxxxxxxxxxx</string> remove this line.

2.Copy BaseSystem.dmg/System/Library/Extensions to partition of InstallESD.dmg and add other kexts (FakeSMC.kext).

3.Clover select to "Boot Mac OS X with extra kexts (skips cache)", and follow the installation with restart first time.


Stage 2


1.Remove kernelcache in target partition's /OS X Install Data/com.apple.Boot.plist.

<key>Kernel Cache</key> remove this line.

<string>xxxxxxxxxxxxx</string> remove this line.

( 10.7.x is /Mac OS X Install Data/com.apple.Boot.plist )

2.Copy InstallESD.dmg/System/Library/CoreServices and /mach_kernel to target partition's / .

3.Copy BaseSystem.dmg/System/Library/Extensions to target partition's / and add other kexts (FakeSMC.kext).

4.Boot to "OS X Install" with "Boot Mac OS X with extra kexts (skips cache)" and finish the installation.

(10.7.x is "Mac OS X Install")



Install Clover by using boot1h2 or boot1f32alt, after test done with 2 seconds.

Default boot to boot Clover EFI 64bit,

Press key 1 to boot1 for Chameleon

Press key 3 to boot3 for Clover EFI 32bit,

Press key 6 to boot6 for Clover EFI 64bit,



Clover EFI bootloader come from Slice @ ProjectOSX.

package by crazybirdy.


PKG will install for MBR as below.


 /EFI/ (folder)



and you may need to modify the setup files, refer to /EFI/config-sample.plist.




Put Extra kexts to /System/Library/Extensions and rebuild kernelcache.

Suggest to install Clover EFI to a SD card or flash drive with MBR HFS+, it works fine.

Only test on 64bits CPU, both 32bits and 64bits work fine with arch=i386 and arch=x86_64.


Can someone help me understand the text in red above, like a DIY step-by-step help.



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Mostly this is same as other methods/tutorias except using Clover bootloader instead of Chameleon and some extra steps for auto creating the recovery partition which is only needed for "find my mac" and not required for other iCloud services to work. find my mac will also need a apple branded wifi to work and can be added manually later on if needed. Ermac's version of Chameleon "Enoch" can be used instead of clover as it may be easier as no configuration is really needed and it's only for your installer usb anyway, once up and running you can use either bootloader for booting off your new install's hdd depending on preference. Stage 2, step 1 above can be simplified by just deleting the kernel cache from your installer. Stage 2, step 4 would apply to using Clover bootloader, for chameleon just use -v -x along with any other boot flags you normally use for your hardware. There's a few brief tutorials here in this section for DP3 if more info is needed.

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With the latest Slice's Clover revisions, with existing Lion or ML installation and with some luck, installation of ML (do not know about Lion) can be done like on a real Mac, roughly:

1. if installing to a blank partition, make sure FakeSMC is in Clover's /EFI/kexts/10.8/ or /EFI/kexts/other/

2. boot into Lion or older ML and just copy Install app to /Applications and run it - this will prepare the installer and ask to restart

3. restart to a Clover menu and select Install option (should appear as a new option) to start Installer (FakeSMC is not needed here)

4. when it is done restart into a new system

4.a. If ML is installed to an existing system, then FakeSMC will stay in /S/L/E and system can be booted normally

4.b. If installed to a new blank partition, then ML should be booted with "extra kexts" option (press space key when a volume is selected) to boot with FakeSMC from /EFI/kexts/10.8/ or

4.c. if installed to a blank partition, boot into other OSX installation and install FakeSMC and other needed stuff to new ML from there

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I wanted to replace my bootx64.efi from windows 7 in ESP partition but it does not work.

Did anyone manage to boot from the GPT partition?


What's the folder structure?


I copied over the hole EFI folder from Clover USB stick without success - it hangs at boot.


A guide for an install on the ESP of GPT is missing ; ) and badly my mobo does not boot from USB,

instead it hangs at boot7, maybe caused by the phenomenal 'Hybrid EFI' from gigabyte.

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it hangs when boot in my situation also :

i can boot clover from usb but when i choose my ML HDD partition it get into refit v2 efi and loads other efi files then boots mach_kernel

alot of dots appears then i get stuck

if any one knows how to get it to work then please help


ps: i dont have usb 3.0 ports in my laptop

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