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  1. sniper9911

    Samsung 300E4A-S0ESA Laptop sleep not working

    bumping up my request
  2. sniper9911

    Samsung 300E4A-S0ESA Laptop sleep not working

    bumping up my request
  3. i did another fix for bluetooth and still not detected by any OS sleep not working also after nvidia card disabled : when i try sleep hdd off screen off usb off cpu fan still on and wifi light and power light stays on please help
  4. sniper9911

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hello i am just here to thank you for this awesome kext: native audio works OOB 1. Laptop model Samsung series 3 np300e4a-S0ESA/Motherboard model 300E4A/300E5A/300E7A , HM65 chipset 2. Codec name : realtek alc269 3. Layout used 28 4. OS X versions i tried 10.11.6 and 10.12 for more info please check my thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/316483-samsung-300e4a-s0esa-laptop-sleep-not-working/ thank you again
  5. whats your current cpu btw ? i am having issues with a similar card (520mx 1gb ddr3) on a samsung series 3 laptop (which looks just like your laptop in samsung site) which get detected by osx and stays on doing nothing so a had to turn it off , but sleep problems are a nightmare for me lol and why mbpro 8.2 smbios dont work for you ? try my config.plist for a change might help you http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/316483-samsung-300e4a-s0esa-laptop-sleep-not-working/
  6. sniper9911

    Disabling NVIDIA Optimus card on all laptops

    hey man thank you for this lovely thread i recently treid to disable my nvidia card and i was successful but i am having sleep issues with my setup the screen goes off , hdd off , usb off but the cpu fan still on and laptop lights (for power and wifi stays on) and i cannot recover from sleep afterwards here is a link to my issue http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/316483-samsung-300e4a-s0esa-laptop-sleep-not-working/ hope you can help me thanks in advance
  7. hello everyone i am stumped with my laptop dsdt/ssdt patches and i dont know how to solve the rest of its problems current laptop specs : i7-2670qm, hm65 chipset , 8gb ddr3 ram , intel hd3000 + nvidia 520mx , elan trackpad , 3x usb 2.0 ports , vga camera , sd xc slot , 14" LED display : 1366x768@60hz, realtek 811x lan , bcm94352hmb wifi+bt , realtek alc269 layout 28 sound , ssd 240gb mbr + 500gb hdd gpt main bootloader windows bcd (have windows 7 , 8.1 and samsung recovery all on ssd) osx 10.11.6 legacy boot from clover v3650 on esp from hdd (clover boots frm bcd via boot0md renamed as nst_mac.mbr) , osx installed on hdd and cloned to ssd for speed sierra 10.12 installed and cloned to ssd as well my work on dsdt so far : dsdt extracted from clover f4 , disassembled via latest iasl with refs.txt Patches applied to dsdt so far: alll from rehabman respiratory battery patch : battery_Samsung-Series3-NP300.txt graphics patch: graphics_HD3K_low.txt graphics_INI-disable.txt graphics_PNLF_ivy_sandy.txt graphics_PTS_WAK-disable.txt graphics_REG-disable.txt graphics_Rename-GFX0.txt : applied to dsdt , ssdt 6 and ssdt 7 for IGPU compatible PM fix_PSS.txt applided to ssdt system patches : system_HPET.txt system_IAOE.txt system_IMEI.txt system_IRQ.txt system_Mutex.txt system_OSYS.txt system_OSYS_win7.txt system_OSYS_win8.txt system_PNOT.txt system_RTC.txt system_Shutdown2.txt usb patches: usb_6-series.txt usb_6-series-id.txt clover patches : hdmi patch from rehabman , sierra wifi patches (match 10.2.x only) , intel hd3000 1gb vram patch whats working at the moment : cpu and gpu full PM and qe/ci trackpad , brigtness and keyboard functions for sound ( 10.11.6 only , sierra function key not working ) sound wifi usb all ports battery lan nividia disabled , thanks to deepak for his help not working : bluetooth , not detected by all OS on this device sleep not working ( goes into sleep mode , turns off hdd and screen and usb but cpu fan and wifi light stay on and cannot recover from sleep ) shut down and reboot works updating clover to latest ( any version over 3650 will not boot , gives me black screen with _ sign only ) facetime and imessage (generated values but still not working) current dsdt original and patched , kexts and config.plist acpi patched kexts and config.zip please help me complete my build thanks in advance
  8. whats left to fix is bluetooth (no detected on any os) sleep : (when i press power button the laptop sleep well , if i choose sleep from apple menu display goes blank and laptop cannot recover from sleep) facetime and imessage (still tells me to contact apple, i called them but still not working) shutdown not working after deepak fix ( tried alot of fixes and none worked so i redid a repatched dsdt ssdt and now shutdown work , nvidia still on i dont know how to turn it off properly ) i am stumped ... please help me thank you
  9. hello i managed to install sierra 10.12 from appstore recently on this laptop Model Specs : core i7-2670qm 2.2ghz , 8gb ddr3 ram , intel hd3000 + nvidia 520mx , 240gb SSD + 500GB WD Blue ( hdd caddy ), 3x usb 2.0 , elan touchpad , 14" LED monitor : 1366x768@60hz , vga camera things not working : 1. trackpad panel in system prefrences ( blank ) 2. brightness/Sound function keys on keyboard (was working on elcapitan 10.11.6 after dsdt patching and using proper kexts in efi folder) 3. wifi bcm94352hmb working ( had to apply 5 clover patches from your site to make it work ) my laptop cant seem to see bluetooth anywhere (no os can see bluetooth , my card has bluetooth , wierd ) this is my current efi EFI.zip
  10. Model Specs : core i7-2670qm 2.2ghz , 8gb ddr3 ram , intel hd3000 + nvidia 520mx , 240gb SSD + 500GB WD Blue ( hdd caddy ), 3x usb 2.0 , elan touchpad , 14" LED monitor : 1366x768@60hz , vga camera my current work on the system : dsdt compiled and patched from rehabman respiratories (have the original dsdt and the resulted dsdt.dsl from compiling) ssdt patched for IGPU ssdt.aml generated from piker script working fine (both gpu and cpu changing speed nativly) hdmi display and sound work ( clover patched using rehabman config.plist hd3000_low.plist ) using smbios of MBP8.2 sound realtek alc269 working with patched apple hda kext , might change that someday (its the only kext i change in my s/l/e) usb working wifi from BCM94352HMB working with patched kext fine on Elcapitan i managed to install osx elcapitan 10.11.6 on my system but i still have some things not working: 1. i cannot disable nvidia card from dsdt/ssdt ,,,,, i tried _off method and not working , need more help 2. imessage and facetime not working (says contact apple support with a consistant code for 3 times no change ... so my generated MLB/ROM/SN is working fine , called apple support (In my country) 2 times already and they couldnt help me because the SN was not registered on thier system) please help me complete this build ps: i attached my current efi folder without MLB/ROM/UUID/SN values , i read alot about these values not to be shared thanks in advance EFI.zip
  11. i am using it on 10.9.5 vmware ... so far its working , just finished actually got a 6.58gb iso for sierra now i am doing this because my current partition table is too messed up for sierra clean install so i am doing it virtual and trying to clone it (Fingers crossed !!!)
  12. sniper9911

    Sierra Installation problem

    try iMac14,2 smbios