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  1. ????? The board in my signature was done to some extent, see post #20. even with the mod I did not get to do an install of OS X, without clover, sorry (I gave up a few days after trying, will get back to it, when I get a better mboard/vcard) So, this bios is not for the board in my signature. Thanks.
  2. fbifido

    OZMTool - An Ozmosis Toolbox

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301407-guide-insert-ozmosis-into-uefi-bios/?p=2158000 C:\Users\fbifido\Desktop\BIOS>OZMTool --ozmcreate --aggressivity 1 --compressdxe --out EFI_OZM.ROM --input EFI.ROM OZMTool - v0.3 ERROR: No FFS directory file supplied! C:\Users\fbifido\Desktop\BIOS>pause Press any key to continue . . . Any Help Please & Thanks
  3. Hi, Can you add the Ozmosis bootloader to this EFI file ? and put default dsdt & default profile for this EFI. ? the EFI ROM, it can be edited using UEFITool. even MMTool for APTIO can open it, the dumped modules list is also attached. and it can be opened and modified by phoenixtool Thanks. EFI.zip MYBIOS.zip < Full BIOS File > +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | MMTOOL 4.50.0023 | | Copyright (c)2010 American Megatrends, Inc. | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Firmware Image Information | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Image Size : 200000 | +------+-------------------------------+--------------+-----------+-----------+ | FV | FV TYPE | Location | Length | FFSs | +------+-------------------------------+--------------+-----------+-----------+ | 00 | Non-FFS FV | 00000000 | 1F0000 | 008 | | 01 | Nested FV | 00000000 | 140000 | 062 | | 02 | Boot Block FV | 001F0000 | 010000 | 002 | +------+-------------------------------+--------------+-----------+-----------+ | Nested Firmware Volume Information | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | FV | Nesting Information | Length | FFSs | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | 01 | Parent Fv : 00 Parent FFS : 07 | 140000 | 062 | +------+-------------------------------+--------------+-----------+-----------+ | NCB Information | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Image contains no NCBs | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Driver Information | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Firmware Volume : 00 Location : 00000000 Length : 1F0000 | +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ |NO | FileName | GUID |Location| Size |Type| +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ |000| |1B45CC0A-156A-428A-AF62-49864DA0E6E6|00000048|00002C|FRFM| |001|PeiCore |52C05B14-0B98-496C-BC3B-04B50211D680|000000E8|0053BA|PEIC| |002|PcdPeim |9B3ADA4F-AE56-4C24-8DEA-F03B7558AE50|000054E8|00165A|PEIM| |003|StatusCodePei |1EC0F53A-FDE0-4576-8F25-7A1A410F58EB|00006B68|000446|PEIM| |004|PlatformPei |222C386D-5ABC-4FB4-B124-FBB82488ACF4|00006FE8|001982|PEIM| |005|DxeIpl |86D70125-BAA3-4296-A62F-602BEBBB9081|000089E8|001E9A|PEIM| |006|TrEEPei |CA5A1928-6523-409D-A9FE-5DCC87387222|0000A8E8|00227A|PEIM| |007| |A4EF5A93-3F1B-4232-A1C4-F0910E6D1D9C|0000CB68|140025|FV | +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ | Bytes Free : 0A3650 (653 KB) Bytes Used : 14C9B0 (1330 KB) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Firmware Volume : 01 Location : 00000000 Length : 140000 | +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ |NO | FileName | GUID |Location| Size |Type| +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ |000| |FC510EE7-FFDC-11D4-BD41-0080C73C8881|00000048|00003C|FRFM| |001|EventLogDxe |25C0E0C2-E18D-42A0-AA05-E8B080054152|00000084|001F5E|DRVR| |002|DxeCore |D6A2CB7F-6A18-4E2F-B43B-9920A733700A|00001FE2|019A3E|DXEC| |003|PcdDxe |80CF7257-87AB-47F9-A3FE-D50B76D89541|0001BA20|001C76|DRVR| |004|ExdiSupportDxe |BB3DE76B-FD29-4AFE-8ABD-FF8A527D3C68|0001D696|001D46|DRVR| |005|SecurityStubDxe|F80697E9-7FD6-4665-8646-88E33EF71DFC|0001F3DC|007F8A|DRVR| |006|CpuDxe |1A1E4886-9517-440E-9FDE-3BE44CEE2136|00027366|005936|DRVR| |007|Metronome |C8339973-A563-4561-B858-D8476F9DEFC4|0002CC9C|00055A|DRVR| |008|SynicTimerDxe |28311F03-DC68-4C06-AB19-7A20886488A2|0002D1F6|000772|DRVR| |009|BdsDxe |FC5C7020-1A48-4198-9BE2-EAD5ABC8CF2F|0002D968|014A96|DRVR| |010|RuntimeDxe |B601F8C4-43B7-4784-95B1-F4226CB40CEE|000423FE|000EFE|DRVR| |011|VariableRuntime|CBD2E4D5-7068-4FF5-B462-9822B4AD8D60|000432FC|001C8E|DRVR| |012|CapsuleRuntimeD|42857F0A-13F2-4B21-8A23-53D3F714B840|00044F8A|00079A|DRVR| |013|MonotonicCounte|AD608272-D07F-4964-801E-7BD3B7888652|00045724|0007A2|DRVR| |014|ResetSystemRunt|4B28E4C7-FF36-4E10-93CF-A82159E777C5|00045EC6|000692|DRVR| |015|PcRtc |378D7B65-8DA9-4773-B6E4-A47826A833E1|00046558|001396|DRVR| |016|VmbusDxe |A6683912-5C39-43CB-9BE8-2A1BC903ABC8|000478EE|01600A|DRVR| |017|EfiHvDxe |CA585647-54A9-4879-A8CD-45A769246680|0005D8F8|0011CA|DRVR| |018|HiiDatabase |348C4D62-BFBD-4882-9ECE-C80BB1C4783B|0005EAC2|01161E|DRVR| |019|SmbiosDxe |F9D88642-0737-49BC-81B5-6889CD57D9EA|000700E0|0012FA|DRVR| |020|ConPlatformDxe |51CCF399-4FDF-4E55-A45B-E123F84D456A|000713DA|00180E|DRVR| |021|DevicePathDxe |9B680FCE-AD6B-4F3A-B60B-F59899003443|00072BE8|008582|DRVR| |022|Fat |961578FE-B6B7-44C3-AF35-6BC705CD2B1F|0007B16A|006016|DRVR| |023|EnglishDxe |CD3BAFB6-50FB-4FE8-8E4E-AB74D2C1A600|00081180|000CA6|DRVR| |024|DiskIoDxe |6B38F7B4-AD98-40E9-9093-ACA2B5A253C4|00081E26|001E62|DRVR| |025|PartitionDxe |1FA1F39E-FEFF-4AAE-BD7B-38A070A3B609|00083C88|002ECA|DRVR| |026| |7E374E25-8E01-4FEE-87F2-390C23C606CD|00086B52|001666|FRFM| |027|AcpiTableDxe |9622E42C-8E38-4A08-9E8F-54F784652F6B|000881B8|0019E2|DRVR| |028|AcpiPlatform |CB933912-DF8F-4305-B1F9-7B44FA11395C|00089B9A|000F12|DRVR| |029|BootGraphicsRes|B8E62775-BB0A-43F0-A843-5BE8B14F8CCD|0008AAAC|000CAA|DRVR| |030|GraphicsConsole|CCCB0C28-4B24-11D5-9A5A-0090273FC14D|0008B756|003CD6|DRVR| |031|EmclDxe |45386216-9A17-46AE-AD49-423112FBFFB8|0008F42C|001DB6|DRVR| |032|ScsiDisk |0A66E322-3740-4CCE-AD62-BD172CECCA35|000911E2|0032E2|DRVR| |033|ScsiBus |0167CCC4-D0F7-4F21-A3EF-9E64B7CDCE8B|000944C4|001FDE|DRVR| |034|StorvscDxe |6D6AE65A-393E-4E54-958F-C18E01956A00|000964A2|002106|DRVR| |035|SynthKeyDxe |8D5EA93E-F438-464B-AA26-00165028A7A6|000985A8|002486|DRVR| |036|VideoDxe |1CB52863-97B7-4FCE-892B-0EF2838BEFBD|0009AA2E|001702|DRVR| |037|SbCryptDxe |851AF41C-A25D-4CE5-8E08-47829AD8177D|0009C130|00091E|DRVR| |038|SerialDxe |23510367-1393-4DF8-A7C7-4B86313829C5|0009CA4E|002B02|DRVR| |039|SmbiosPlatform |12FCA5F5-7323-49A9-80FB-EE2CDD267569|0009F550|0012B6|DRVR| |040|NetvscDxe |D2C1389F-E54F-4B33-A4B3-231B373CA37F|000A0806|003DA2|DRVR| |041|WatchdogTimer |BD3C7586-B9A3-4332-9EEE-E9F02CF6A931|000A45A8|0008D2|DRVR| |042|VmbfsDxe |BA0CF5FD-6CFC-4747-83C6-6ACF062A781D|000A4E7A|002922|DRVR| |043|ConNullDxe |50B14875-1A50-49A0-A40A-128AB1EDB28F|000A779C|001026|DRVR| |044|DpcDxe |A210F973-229D-4F4D-AA37-9895E6C9EABA|000A87C2|0009F6|DRVR| |045|MnpDxe |025BBFC7-E6A9-4B8B-82AD-6815A1AEAF4A|000A91B8|006C1E|DRVR| |046|ArpDxe |529D3F93-E8E9-4E73-B1E1-BDF6A9D50113|000AFDD6|0035FE|DRVR| |047|Dhcp4Dxe |94734718-0BBC-47FB-96A5-EE7A5AE6A2AD|000B33D4|008E02|DRVR| |048|Dhcp6Dxe |95E3669D-34BE-4775-A651-7EA41B69D89E|000BC1D6|008982|DRVR| |049|Ip4Dxe |9FB1A1F3-3B71-4324-B39A-745CBB015FFF|000C4B58|00AD7E|DRVR| |050|Ip6Dxe |5BEDB5CC-D830-4EB2-8742-2D4CC9B54F2C|000CF8D6|016C92|DRVR| |051|Ip4ConfigDxe |26841BDE-920A-4E7A-9FBE-637F477143A6|000E6568|00679E|DRVR| |052|Udp4Dxe |6D6963AB-906D-4A65-A7CA-BD40E5D6AF2B|000ECD06|0074FE|DRVR| |053|Udp6Dxe |D912C7BC-F098-4367-92BA-E911083C7B0E|000F4204|0073BE|DRVR| |054|TcpDxe |1A7E4468-2F55-4A56-903C-01265EB7622B|000FB5C2|00C95E|DRVR| |055|Mtftp4Dxe |DC3641B8-2FA8-4ED3-BC1F-F9962A03454B|00107F20|007262|DRVR| |056|Mtftp6Dxe |99F03B99-98D8-49DD-A8D3-3219D0FFE41E|0010F182|007602|DRVR| |057|UefiPxeBcDxe |B95E9FDA-26DE-48D2-8807-1F9107AC5E3A|00116784|00D3EA|DRVR| |058|TrEEDxe |2A7946E3-1AB2-49A9-ACCB-C6275139C1A5|00123B6E|004796|DRVR| |059|TcgMor |AD416CE3-A483-45B1-94C2-4B4E4D575562|00128304|00061A|DRVR| |060|TerminalDxe |9E863906-A40F-4875-977F-5B93FF237FC6|0012891E|0049A6|DRVR| |061| |7BB28B99-61BB-11D5-9A5D-0090273FC14D|0012D2C4|00615A|FRFM| +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ | Bytes Free : 00CBE2 ( 50 KB) Bytes Used : 13341E (1229 KB) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Firmware Volume : 02 Location : 001F0000 Length : 010000 | +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ |NO | FileName | GUID |Location| Size |Type| +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ |000|SecMain |DF1CCEF6-F301-4A63-9661-FC6030DCC880|001F0048|000B5E|SECC| |001| |1BA0062E-C779-4582-8566-336AE8F78F09|001F8FE0|007020|RAW | +---+---------------+------------------------------------+--------+------+----+ | Bytes Free : 008438 ( 33 KB) Bytes Used : 007BC8 ( 30 KB) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Total Bytes Free : 0ABA88 ( 686 KB) Total Bytes Used : 154578 (1361 KB) | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+
  4. RES Dynamic Desktop Studio Demo https://t.co/hlHafjKnKY via @YouTube

  5. Files.fm: Easy File Transfer and cloud storage http://t.co/zCc9VdDeXm #files.fm


    http://t.co/TvhGNakwei FreeNAS 9.3 Features - Support for VMware VAAI

  7. Hi, I have windows 8 (120GB HD) and i need a way to load OS X, on my system. I am now using a vmware WS 10, running yosemite, to create my Installer USB . I want to Install OS X 10.10 & Windows TP 10 using UEFI only. My spec: MSI H61M-P31/w8 (MS-7788) Intel® Core i3-3250 CPU @ 3.50GHz (Ivy Bridge-DT) Intel HD 2500 8GB RAM 500GB HD <new> I know i need: a) Kexts for my board a patch DSDT.aml for my board c) a Clover config.plist file for my board to work properly, but for me to get most of the information from my board i need a lest a basic install of OS X. I have tried a few things but none of them seem to work with my board. Step1: <Tried> [FAILED] I followed "midi : D's" installation guide for yosemite. http://pjalm.com/forums/index.php?topic=391.0 I am using vmware workstation 10 running an image of Mac OS X 10.9.5 upgraded to 10.10, to create my usb. The OS X install USB was create, after setting up my UEFI, it boot without any problems. after trying multiple different options, i am still unable to reach the Setup screen. I am getting from kernel panic, instant reboot to system halt. I am at step 9, on that guide, "WAIT". sometime for like 3hrs. Step2: <Tried> [FAILED] Try an updated clover version, like v2k_2988. Step3: On my MSI pc. I press F4,F5,F6 in Clover Boot Menu to get this file 'MacStuff.zip', please see attachment. contain: config.plist - this was created by me using HVT 1.7 DSDT.aml - this was mod my me, in vmware yosemite vm, using http://pjalm.com/ patches on MaciASL. origin.zip - clover dump MacStuff.zip Step4: <FAILED> I have tried and failed using a few apps on this site to create a UEFI USB of of yosemite that can boot and reach the install screen on my pc. I reach a point of giving up, so i am going to restart again, beginning with the Easy Yosemite Installer, which was the first option i tried and failed. Step5: I tried to removed all "AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelSNB* AppleIntelFramebuffer*", but Clover v2999 will not boot the 10.10 installer, it just reboot. Questions: 1) Can someone, please check the MacStuff.zip file to see WHY i can't install or get to the installer screen(select language)? 2) on Step4, What do i needed to get this running? I will use Clover version r2988 r2999 [HELP PLEASE]
  8. Thanks for all your help. I have learn allot from your posts, even if you didn't answer any of my questions. I still wanted to thank you. BTW: can you do the video of how you mod my bios, i still can get it right ?
  9. Can you make an example of iMac13,2 SMBIOS w/ iMessage and FaceTime settings fix and Theme.bin with also: SMC version 2.11f14 iMac13,2: 2.11f14 = {0x02,0x11,0x0f,0x00,0x00,0x14} = AhEPAAAU Inject the following EFI device properties. ig-platform-id: 01660003, FB Memory: 64MB, Pipes: 2, Ports: 2, FBMem: 2 7f0000000100000001000000730000000200000002010c00d041030a000000000101060000027fff04002c0000004100410050004c002c00690067002d0070006c006100740066006f0072006d002d006900640000000800000003006601140000006800640061002d0067006600780000000d0000006f6e626f6172642d31 Apple Inc. Mac-FC02E91DDD3FA6A4 iMac13,2 Apple Inc. IM131.88Z.010A.B05.1211151146
  10. Just want to make sure i am not missing any step: 1) Format a 8GB+ USB with GUID partition mapping and name it Install. Insure the OS X Yosemite.app is in your Application folder. In terminal run the following script. sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Install --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ Yosemite.app --nointeraction This will take several minutes so be patient, the script will notify you when complete. 2) it looks to me that it is under Efi/Oz/Darwin ??????, but i will take your word for it. Copy FakeSMC and Network kexts to Efi/Oz/Darwin/Extensions/Common/ Connect the USB to my pc, power on pc Press F11 (or what every key to get the Boot Menu) Q1) Select Install OS X 10.10.0, then Press the Alt+V, or Press Alt+V then select Install OS X 10.10.0 to use verbose ? and install Yosemite. Re-boot Press F11 (or what every key to get the Boot Menu) Select your SSD or HD, then Press the Alt+V Complete the installation. install your kexts to Efi/Oz/Darwin/Extensions/Common/ Done
  11. I update 10.9.5 to 10.10 on my sister's macbook, so i can create a new usb from that. "CSM disabled in BIOS" is this the same as saying set boot option to UEFI only? Thanks.
  12. Hi, sorry but i am now loss. read, re-read your posts. Ok, let me start over, well i tried a few things but all failed. Step 0: install new 500GB Hard Drive. Step 1: Loaded bios to my motherboard. Set my bios boot to UEFI or Legacy+UEFI ( i tried both) used OS X 10.10 Install USB.raw from http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4784 it has cover on it. With my original bios, if i boot with this USB, i would get kernel panic. I do not get kernel panic after updating my bios. anyway, it takes a long time for bios or pc to reach bios POST. Now i boot using the USB+Clover, then click Install OS X, you get the normal logs of info scrolling up the screen. then it stop after "DSMOS as arrived", for about 20mins. then the install screen shows up. (i have a video of it but it is too large right now, to upload, will do it later) I installed OS X Yosemite, restart without the USB+Clover, I end up in the EFI shell. I then boot using the USB+Clover, then select the Yosemite hard drive, booted ok, and finish the install. This is where i am stuck. I know not how to get the yosemite hd to boot without the clover usb. If i turn on the pc without the clover usb, i end up in the efi shell. (from the shell i learn how to copy the kexts from the clover usb (fs4:/efi/cover/extra/) to my hard drive efi folder (fs0:/efi/oz/darwin/extensions/common) using the cp -r command. but i don't see any bootx64.efi file under /efi/oz. I am still not able to boot right into yosemite on the HD. Step 2: Reconnected my windows 8 HD. I turn on my pc, guest what i booted right into shell, lucky for me i was trying different things in shell that i learn that i can boot by just executing the command bootx64.efi. so i look around in shell and found this: shell> fs0: fs0> ls EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi EFI/Microsoft/bootx64.efi fs0> cd efi/boot fs0:\EFI\BOOT> bootx64.efi wallah, windows boot. and here i am typing for help. Note: if i use the Clover usb to boot my yosemite hd, the EFI partition is nowhere to be found. Thanks. BTW: first set of videos here, without new bios: http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=4784&start=60#p45067 My bios have a feature were you can test new bios via booting the bios from usb-fat32, and not using the onboard bios.
  13. http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2014/09/how-to-build-custom-esxi-iso-for-apple-mac-mini.html Step 3 - Download my custom.tgz which will automatically handle the SMC issue for Apple Mac Mini 6,2 Thanks
  14. fbifido

    FakeSMC y plugins.

    This info is for the imac13,1: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1618 Boot ROM or SMC Version Information: After Update is complete: Build version: 010A.05 ROM version: IM131.88Z.010A.B05.1211151146 How does one find the SMC version ?