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VoodooStarter - Loads VoodooHDA at startup, so you don't have to

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Hello fellow hackintoshers,


For some reason, my VoodooHDA didn't load at boot, only when i was already logged in, even though it had the right permissions (tried chmod/chown manually in terminal and via disk utility and still nothing) and it was inside the kextcache, so I decided to make a tool that would kextload it at startup without any interaction.


The result is VoodooStarter. It is a launch daemon that performs a kextload command right at startup. This technique could be utilized to load other kexts that fail to load for some reason at boot, but succeed when logged in.


P.S. I made a small applescript app that makes it really easy to install and uninstall VoodooStarter.


Note: VoodooHDA.kext must be in /System/Library/Extensions/ (but you can modify the plist if it is somewhere else) !!


The installer app :



The plist that is installed in /Library/LaunchDaemons/



Hope it helps,


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