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[Help] USB3 and SD Card Reader on HP DV6 Pavilion

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Hi everybody,

does somebody of you get usb3.0 and sd card reader working on HP DV6 series?

the details of the peripherals are the following:


- USB3.0 NEC/RENESAS: Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller [1033-0194]


- SD CARD READER: Realtek PCIE CardReader [10EC-5209]


For USB3, i've tried PHXCD. Results: Super speed BUS showed in system info but everytime any device is plugged in OS freeze

For SD Reader: tried some kext without any result


Any help would be much appreciated

THX in advance


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Make sure your card is plugged into a power source. The card should have a Molex 4-pin power connector like older hard drives.


Try to get it to recognize a USB 3.0 hard drive (a thumb drive should work).


If you can get it to this point, and you can recognize drives the card and/or driver may just not be compatible with your reader.


Look at my post here for a card that definitely works: Orinico USB 3.0 Fresco card

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