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  1. dying4004

    Kernel Panic iAtkos S3 Dell xt2

    any solution yet?
  2. dying4004

    iATKOS S3 installation problem

    any solution to this issue?
  3. any resolution for this issue?
  4. dying4004

    error processing data: input/output error

    its definitely not a hdd issue as i have tried laptop's internal hdd and 3 external hdd and these 4 hdd's are working just fine and 1 of them i bought yesterday just for osx. and tried 4 different distros burned with 3x speed. and same issue every time.
  5. dying4004

    iAtkos s3 v2 - intel.pkg input output error

    guys, i have been trying to install SL, Lion and ML in my HP 6b02tx but all these version gives me same error. error processing data: input/output error. I have tried 5 different distros and getting same error. tried to burn dvd with 2x speed and still same issue. do you have any solution for this? cheers
  6. guys i need a help. My Laptop is HP 6b02tx with i5 2430M, 4gb ram, 500gb hdd. I have trying to install SL, Lion and ML and everytime installation fails with error processing data: input/output error. i have tried the following boot flags. -v -cpus=1 busratio=24 pcirootuid=1 arch=i386. I tried different combinations of flags but same issue everytime. i have tried internal hdd and usb hdd and still same issue. any idea what might be the issue? Cheers
  7. just tried to install Niresh ML on my HP 6b02tx in internal HDD but after few minutes got install failed. Screenshot attached. Laptop Spec: i5 2340M 4 gb ram 500 GB HDD ATI 6770M
  8. dying4004

    Mouse doesnt work while Installing iAtkos L2

    Lion - install failed in HP 6b02tx i5 2430m 4gb ram ati 6770m after 8 minutes it says install failed.
  9. guys i am trying to install iatkos L2 in my HP 6b02tx. I am booting iAtkos L2 with a boot cd with -v arch=i386 UsbBusfix=yes cpus=1 busratio=24 but when it boots it doesnt recognise keyboard and mouse. I added usb mouse and I can move mouse pointer but cant click on anything. any idea how to fix this? Regards
  10. dying4004

    SL on HP 6b02tx

    guys, i need some help from you. I am trying to install iAtkos SL S3 in HP DV6 6b02tx. Spec is as below: Core i5 2430M 4 GB ram 500 GB HDD ATI 6770M and Intel Grafix I can boot to SL with ###### legacy boot disk but it doesnt detect my usb hard disk. any suggestion how to make it to detect my usb hdd? BTW, i tried iAtkos L2 but L2 shows Mac OSX installation couldnt be completed just after booting into L2. i have tried with pcirootuid=1 -v -x -f npci=0x2000 busratio=24 cpus=1 nothing worked
  11. dying4004

    DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    I am using ###### to boot but when i insert this dvd, dvd isnt detected. y dvd rom detects iatkos, lion, retail snow leopard. whats might be wrong with this dmg?
  12. I can install with iatkos s3 but I want to install in USB hard disk and iatkos s3 installer doesn't detect my USB hard disk.
  13. dying4004

    DV6-6090xx Mac OS X Lion Install Disc

    hi how do you install that chameleon in the usb? is there anyway to do this without a usb? i am doing it from vmware and for some reason usb drives are not getting recognised. so i can burn a dmg to dvd but can't make bootable dvd. so is there anyway that i can add the chameleon in the dmd and burn it to dvd? thnx