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Intel Server Mobo + 8800GTS 320MB

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Hey guys,

I'm a linux guy so I'm not afraid to get down and dirty here. With that said my current project is to install osx86 onto this server motherboard and get the 8800gts working with QE/CL. I currently have a working system with Ethernet but no sound or DVD drive. The DVD drive wont reconize and I did not yet install a sound card. I am using the chocolate_kernel and do not need any boot flag to boot up. The real problem is the graphics. If I can get this up I don't care about DVD or sound. :)



Intel Server mobo (I think this is the board)

Dual Processor - Dual Core 3.0Ghz

4GB DDR2 - 800Mhz

8800gts 320mb [g80]

320GB - Portable HDD (for sandboxing/installing)

iPortable Snow Leopard 10.6.2 - chocolate_kernel



The 8800gts 320mb [G80] will not install. No QE/CL, no hardware acceleration. No Front Row. I have tried the following:

  • GraphicsEnabler=yes
  • EFI Studio
  • OSX86 Tools EFI tool
  • GraphicsEnable.pkg (or something rather. I can get the exact name)
  • Deleted Framebuffer.kext & installing the kexts that come with iPortable Snow

I have tried 3 different EFI strings that I all found online. iPortable Snow comes with NVinject and NVenabler but they are pkg and I cannot find any documentation on them on the internet. Funny thing about the EFI strings, they install to a directory NOT in Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist . I have to copy the plist from a different directory where EFI Studio and OSX86 Tools spits it out and copy it to the Extras folder.


Please help I am 5 days into this and I have lost sleep over it thinking I am 'almost there' with each step. Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated!

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what model mother board are you using. as your board got a pci slot. is your dvd drive sata drive


M-Audio 2496 card can be made to work or a (usb sound sound till you get proper sound working)

you could get a ati 5770 as it works out the box.


you mite also have to install osx with only one cpu in your motherboard and put in second in after install

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