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iAtkos L2 installed, black screen with music!


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Hello Insanelymac community,


I present you guys with a very strange occurance when I installed Lion using the latest iAtkos build (L2). Installation went fine with the boot flags:

PCIRootUID=0 GraphicsEnabler=Yes cpus=1 -v


After install, I booted into my Lion partition with the following flags:

PCIRootUID=0 cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=Yes -v


I got this far (see pic):



After about 5 minutes on this screen, (to my knowledge) the Lion Welcome music started playing. It was a jazzy funk type of song. It lasted roughly 4 minutes with the screen above STILL SHOWING.


Has anyone else had this problem? How can I actually boot into Lion?






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The music being Staying Alive?


This is the OS X intro video.


Good news = Your sound works

Bad news = Your video doesnt.


What has happened is the OS has booted and has started playing you the intro video, but your graphics card isn't supported so you cant see it.


What you need to do is do some research on your graphics card. Get the necesarry kexts and transfer them to your HDD by using single user mode, or the terminal from the iAtkos DVD.


There's lots of info around on how to do this but if you get stuck just post back here and I'll give you a hand.


You will need a USB stick to transfer the kexts across, unless you are dual-booting and have access to your mac partition from elsewhere.

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Thanks JamesLittler,


I was afraid I would have to do something like that. Although, since I have a switchable graphics card, I do not know if installing a kext for my card will be possible. I will however, delve into the ROM dumping and .kext editing and see what I can do.


Anyone have the -s commands for this by the way? Or the post containing the commands?



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kexts are stored in /System/Library/Extensions.


rm = remove

cp = copy

mv = move/rename

-r = recursive

-f = force



rm -rf /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X/System/Library/Extensions/Some.kext


This would force a recursive delete (used for directories) of Some.kext from S/L/E on the partition Mac OS X.


Have a read up on bash commands if your not comfortable in a CLI

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Okay. Since I have Snow Leopard on another partition, I simply installed the 4 ATI kexts that I needed with my card info in the Info.plist. I then repaired permissions on my drive and shutdown, then rebooted into my Lion partition.. Unfortunately, all I got was this:post-638143-0-75539300-1327095680_thumb.jpeg


Back to my ORIGINAL ISSUE found here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=272168&st=0&p=1770781entry1770781


So, I guess I'm stuck. I knew this was going to happen because of my graphics card AND having switchable graphics...


Anyone have another option or maybe possibly I am doing something else wrong?



Thanks InsanelyMac community,



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If I got my head out of my **** and listened to a few of you guys, I would have done much better years ago. So, this is how I got it to work:


1. Installed iAtkos L2 on my "iAtkos" partition.

2. Booted into Snow Leopard partition.

3. Deleted every graphics kext I could find.

4. Shut down.

5. Booted into iAtkos.

6. Welcome video!


I love you guys... :D So excited and overjoyed.

(Gonna worry about graphics later ;) )





Some nebbish things:


SMBIOS is custom made to: 6,1 MacBookPro



Boot Graphics=Yes
Graphics Mode=1366x768x32
Kernel Flags=npci=0x2000 PCIRootUID=0

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