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10.4.6 Slow Performance


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Ive installed OSX 10.4.6 on my Inspiron E1505 with the Intel patches, but am recieving really, REALLY slow responce time. It takes a second or so for mouse clicks to activate, same with key strokes.


I saw something about removing an AppleTPCM.kext or similar file (i dont recall its exact name) but it doesnt exist on my 10.4.6 image, so i assume it was already removed.


Any idea why it would be going so slow? Its a 1.8GHz Centrino Core Duo system, 1GB RAM, 7200 RPM SATA 80GB HD, etc.


Any recomendations would be great!!!





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word. i'm just now getting my hackintosh running. mosue and keyboard are dead on, but overall system is a bit slower than it seems it should be. video playback is very choppy too.


i'm just glad i got audio working.



The problem should come from dual core processor.

I have the same problm with my D805 dual core. If i desactivate a core os run much much better.

To desactivate a core you can install a tool on dev CD or add cpus=1 to boot.plist

Look in the forum for core duo problem report


Hope it help


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I just recently got 10.4.7 (a few hours ago), now should i update to 10.4.7 or will that not increase performance.


The problem I get is slow input from the keyboard, and slow runtime on programs.

Nope i've tried with 10.4.5 10.4.6 10.4.7 slow perf with all of these.

The only work around for me was to disable a core


Good luck


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Thanks to Rammjet and waradmin...


Considering I cannot get OSX to run due to 1 specific error I am trying everything and anything to resolve my issue.


I am now in possession of MACDRIVE by Medi@four.

So now I can make edits to my kext files without command line stuff.


In the meantime, I will continue to help as many people as I can on these great forums with the little knowledge that I have.


I pretty much can help people get their machines set up properly to install dual.multi boots without ruining their WINXP installations. :)

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we have the same CPU. Do you manage to have both core activated ?



Can i ask you why do you have SemjaZa's decrypts ? It isn't for AMD proc ??

No, they are not just for AMD.


The 10.4.7 update comes in 2 parts:

1) JaS issued an update for Intel and Myzar issued an update for AMD. But these included the decrypted files from 10.4.6 while waiting for the 10.4.7 encrypted files to be decrypted.


2) SemjaZa decrypted the encrypted files from 10.4.7 and issued a package that works for both AMD and Intel.


So, for a "complete" 10.4.7 update, you need 1 of the packages from 1) and the package from 2).

The encrypted files in OSX that need to be decrypted to use on a Hackintosh are:










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Any idea if disabling a core would speed up my slow input device response? (mouse clicks on menu's, and typing)

Usually, disabling a core helps with stuttering in video and audio. If you want to try it, just hit F8 on boot and enter cpus=1


I would also suspect some process that is causing a continuous error. Go to the Utilities folder and run Console. It will display the console.log. Look in the log for errors that are happening repetitively and giving constant messages.

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Oh holy {censored} :P

Thanks so much Mathias!


It works like a charm, but tell me, what are the major disadvantages you are experiencing having to revert to using single core?


Im running 1.83GHz single core now, as opposed to 1.83 duo core,

but i def prefer single core and a usable/fast GUI, than duo core, slow/unresponsive GUI



Btw, waradmin, i had very slow input device responses before I switched to single core, typing in a reply here even took ages and had major lag (wrote a sentence, then 4-5 seconds later it shows up on screen) - ALSO, Exposé (the neat F9-F12 window sorting) was sooo slow! I have similar laptop specs as you do, as I have a Dell Inspiron 6400.


Anyways, switching to single core cleared all these issues, after looking around for a decent solution, this is the best I have found so far..



Thanks again!

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