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  1. Welcome to the SigmaTel 9200 Driver Initiative!

    I too would like to know ^ :]
  2. Welcome to the SigmaTel 9200 Driver Initiative!

    *patiently waits* ;] as a developer it helps alot too to have both OS's on the one machine. once i run into some money, i might just shell out some to get me a macbook. anyways, its been a good experience...
  3. Dell Core Solo / GMA E1505

    Cheers for that neonkoala
  4. Dell Core Solo / GMA E1505

    same here, just have to wait for the fix for the audio not sure about the closing lid.. there should be a fix
  5. OS X on Inspiron 6400

    And I am betting you are correct (; but Ive been having trouble looking for the exact number in the Device Manager.. would you know how I can find out?
  6. OS X on Inspiron 6400

    Thanks for the info Rammjet [and the speedy reply!], I actually have a SigmaTel High Definition Audio [HDA] - would you know if there is a solution for this atm?
  7. Dell XPS 400 all but sound

    Yep have the same problems here, could you let us know how you all went? never got it working? or did you?
  8. dual core

    Thanks! Works like a charm now.. just wont be able to run as many apps as once, but its much better than that horrible jitter effect.
  9. OS X on Inspiron 6400

    Yea I have a 6400 too, and do not have the Sound / Audio working. Does anyone have any luck with this? Tia
  10. 10.4.6 Slow Performance

    Oh holy {censored} Thanks so much Mathias! It works like a charm, but tell me, what are the major disadvantages you are experiencing having to revert to using single core? Im running 1.83GHz single core now, as opposed to 1.83 duo core, but i def prefer single core and a usable/fast GUI, than duo core, slow/unresponsive GUI - Btw, waradmin, i had very slow input device responses before I switched to single core, typing in a reply here even took ages and had major lag (wrote a sentence, then 4-5 seconds later it shows up on screen) - ALSO, Exposé (the neat F9-F12 window sorting) was sooo slow! I have similar laptop specs as you do, as I have a Dell Inspiron 6400. Anyways, switching to single core cleared all these issues, after looking around for a decent solution, this is the best I have found so far.. - Thanks again!
  11. 10.4.6 Slow Performance

    Did this work for anyone? What "tool" do i need to install on the dev cd to disable the dual core? how can i disable it through OS X? because i cannot run it with -v cpus=1, for some reason it never works pressing F8 at boot
  12. Slow clock

    I have the same problems as well! What version of OS X are you running and what patches have you got enabled, system specs aswell? Im running 10.4.6, and have an Inspiron 6400 notebook, running 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo with GMA950
  13. Hi, I just got OS X 10.4.6 up and running on my Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop, everything is running fine, except for the GUI animations and input response times! GIF and Flash Animations only play if the mouse is moving or the keyboard is providing input, and Expose and OS transitions/animations slow down heaps.. even as i type this reply. I probably havent searched around that much (so please take it easy on the noob ), but I hear the 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo may be to blame? specifically that it runs everything choppy due to the lack of dual core support.. should i run OS X with cpus=1? At first I thought the Intel GMA950 might be the problem, maybe it is? How is it for everyone else? Cheers
  14. It works very slow!

    Just do a search here for "slow" Im having the same problems and about to try this solution: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...387&hl=slow It seems that the Dual Core cpu is causing the problem