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  1. Lion Install - No HDD

    And the winner is .... the KEXT that show all the drive. Many thanks ! Math
  2. Lion Install - No HDD

    HI client00 thanks for reply, it seems that bios do not allow to set ahci option, there is a hack using another mobo bios but i will stay away from this solution. So i will try your kext, and i will get back here to report succes or failure :-) Thanks
  3. Lion Install - No HDD

    Any news of the Kext, I've got the same issue with a asus P5KC Thanks. Fazy
  4. Broadcom 570x and 575x

    Hi there, any chance to has driver working for 1600 id and 10.4.8 ?? Please this is the only missing feature to my hackintosh. Cheers Mathias
  5. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    @marcian Thanks, But it only works with 2.40 mobo bios. But with this bios cpu fan quiet mode stop working and fan is as noisy as a plane take off. So it go back to 1.7 and now fan speed is nicely controlled but stuttering is back. :-( I have to buy a quiet fan to use 2.4. Well as i've installed developper tools i've got CHUD tool installed and. Chud tool add an itme in preferences where you can see cpu working and eventually disabled some. Without CHUD you can use activity monitor in Application->Utilities in cpu section you will have one or two graph. @MartaMarco I think i had some time ago the same problem of slepp mode that never awake. Since that i've disable this functionnality via preference and then never tried again.
  6. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Hi, i'am happy to tell that i've work around sttutering problem with my pentiulm D805. It's easy, without any osx mod. Simply overclock the CPU. The D805 is really easy to overclock even with the origianl fan. In the bios change the cpu clock setting to 140 or 150 and strutering disapear. Hope it help Mathias
  7. Hi all, Well perhaps you can boot with -s option at startup. (single mode you will have a command shell as root) Then after mount drive and then applied patch. This may work butyou need some command prompt skill. Good luck Mathias
  8. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Great news! Well, for me everythings lags, dock, exposé, opening a shell and typing take 2s between each keypress and char displayed on screen. I've read from amd stutering thread that decreasing fsb remove the problem but i do not find this settings on our mobo. I've downclock pro but it do not help. my memory is ddr 2 533 what about yours ? For sound i've installed a pkg that allow mic in with 888 chipset. HERE See you
  9. Well i've installed SSE3 only my D805 is SSE3. I also used patch from thestevo. Worls quite well fix some problem i faced but i still have stuttering, ie very slow response time for special task like keyboard typing in terminal. IT's fixed with cpus=1 startup flag. Anyway i have some problem to start with uncleared extension cache and marcian too. Mathias
  10. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Hi marcian, Happy to hear from you. I've also made some test with jas 10.4.8 SSE3 only reseed and semthex kernel beta 8 but stuttering with both core enabled is still there. And i have the same problem then you. But since i was not aware about -f option i was only able to boot with -x then to delete ext caches. After i can reboot but second reboot f ailed with waiting for root device. Even on my PATA drive. Have you tried to put -f in boot.plist ? Because i think short switch have to keep their minus -v. Good luck Mathias
  11. Hi thestevo, Thanks for this patch. Gathering all the modification for a motherboard in one patch is really a great idea. But there is a problem is the command script since all the path are in lowercase and thus do not work on my case sensitive partition. /system/library/extension should be capitalized. I'have workaround by editing script but maybe in may help other to fix it. Thanks again for your script and thanks jas for its dvd's, the latest one has calisto driver included so my ati radeon 9600pro works like a charm in the first boot + your patch everything is smooth. I've just a pb with about this mac i've read some where that i've to get stuff from 10.4.4. Cheers Mathias
  12. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Bad news, i really sorry to hear that. I look like you go farer than me since i run kernel panic before the login.app launch. I hope for you (and a bit for us too) that you will found the missing step quickly !! Good luck Best regards Mathias
  13. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Touché :-) It look like that i forget to install pixue driver. I'am stupid because you expressly tell me to do so ! I thing its the hit because kernel panic came just after some log about ipv6 and network stuff. I test that tonight. Again thanks. Mathias Ps : i still have my sata osx part ok so i'am not in trouble.
  14. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Well crossing finge do not help. It do not work, i've got a kernel panic on boot. I do not known what i've done wrong. I've installed 10.4.7 jas dvd with every unchecked except macosx core. I've copied Apple 10.4.8 combo update to newly installed partition using pacifist. I've copied semthex kernel, and the two Extension you point to me. I've repaired perm and remove ext cache Boot with -v -x option but each time i've got kernel panic. Any Clue ?? I've read on semthex site that to boot in graphic mode you need some "keys". What does it means ?? Thanks for your help. Mathias
  15. Asrock 775Dual VSTA

    Good many thanks i'll try this tonight. Mathias crossing finger and praying for a miracle