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Cannot install boot0 to the MBR


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Sorry about my English.


I was looking for this problem in forum but i didn't find.

I have tried to install chimera 1.6 (from pkg installer pack) to the MBR but when I restart system, seem it don't found boot sector on my HDD and it begin to boot from USB or bootable CD.

So I boot mini xp to fixmbr then restart. It starts as normal as before I install chimera.

Then I use rBoot CD to boot OSX. I install boot0 to the MBR from chameleon pack manually then restart. It like when I install chimera.

Also I try to active OSX partition again but it's so.


Anybody help me ?

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how big is your hard drive?


is it > 2TB


also. do you know if you are using 4k sectors?



  1. boot up with a USB or CD. run chameleon wizard.
  2. Menu: Chameleon Wizard > Preferences > EFI Partition Support
  3. the app will quit, reopen it.
  4. EFI Menu: Format EFI partition to HFS
  5. Target Partition: Select the EFI partition
  6. Install Chameleon Wizard to the EFI
  7. if you use a Extra folder you can put it in the EFI, but if you have a EXTRA folder on the EFI and your root HD the Root will override the EFI, just FYI

report back progress and thanks if it helps.

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I was having the same issue just like you were. What you will need to do is


Have a second MAC/Hackintosh

Download latest cameleon bootloader with the manual install package.

Unzip the package on the secondary Mac (spare mac)

I took apart an extra USB WD passport USB/Sata and instead used my laptop harddrive.

I then downloaded Chameleon Wizard to my Second Mac/Hackintosh and clicked on "Folder on Disk" with the boot0hfs selected

I then manually went to my manual install package, but picked what was inside the "usr" folder of the Chameleon bootloader.

Now reattach to your laptop and you should see your Sandy Bridge and bootloader. Good Luck

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