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  1. zurie

    Cannot install boot0 to the MBR

    how big is your hard drive? is it > 2TB also. do you know if you are using 4k sectors? boot up with a USB or CD. run chameleon wizard. Menu: Chameleon Wizard > Preferences > EFI Partition Support the app will quit, reopen it. EFI Menu: Format EFI partition to HFS Target Partition: Select the EFI partition Install Chameleon Wizard to the EFI if you use a Extra folder you can put it in the EFI, but if you have a EXTRA folder on the EFI and your root HD the Root will override the EFI, just FYI report back progress and thanks if it helps.
  2. zurie

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    will there ever be a option to update to latest chimera? right now i have to pull chimera down and select from the folder, it would be nice to have it in dropbox or buildbot?
  3. I tried your method and it does indeed show 2, but it's cosmetic. I still only have 1536 megs of ram not 3072,etc. I still think it might be a limitation of the drivers for 500 series cards... I had to modify your plist to use my PCI slots but after that it did cosmetically change..
  4. I am running the updated version of Chimera 1.6.x the problem is that this only works in LION. I never got it to work in 10.6.8 or 10.6.x always got a black screen, a blue muffled screen, or a variation of the sort. and like you, i can run in safe mode or I can remove a geforce driver and get full resolution, but no acceleration.
  5. command + Click on NVDAGF100Hal.kext and show package contents. navigate to Contents / Info.plist inside Info.plist find <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key> <string> 0x06c010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0dc010de&0xffc0ffff 0x0e2010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0ee010de&0xffe0ffff 0x0f0010de&0xffc0ffff 0x104010de&0xffc0ffff 0x124010de&0xffc0ffff </string> you will just add the below to a new row before <./string> 0x108810de&0xffe0ffff then change permissions using kext utility, disktools, or by hand in terminal and restart.
  6. post how you got each working seperately, that would be interesting to see. Also someone I spoke to had 4 single gpu graphic cards working and he had to create virtual bridges in his DSDT but didn't have a gigabyte mobo so he didnt know how to do it. not saying that is the solution, but thats what it took to make work in his specific case. maybe we need something similar or it could just come down to a driver issue :\
  7. yes, exactly. i used NVCAP Maker and got that cap from my dumped rom. which explains why it didn't work and I ended up using another cap.
  8. Thats the thing... I guessed... in fact, I got a NVCAP on my bios and I don't think it fired correctly with it. 0400000000000300000000000000000700000000 is that what you got? I am not even sure if I am using that cap... I ended up pulling Chameleon's Graphics enabler code and just starting with that (since it worked for 1 gpu) also, talking to another member on this site, he was looking into it and it seems that there is a audio section of that card too (probably for HDMI digital audio) and also was saying that GPU 1 is recognized from chameleon but GE = yes pulls the second card as unknown 3D. so he was guessing that its either a Chimera / Chameleon issue that it can't even pull #2 or its a actual NVidia driver issue on nvidia kexts that don't support dual GPU single PCB yet (maybe on NVDAGF100Hal.kext) I do know at one point the GTX 295 required a kext (GTX295.kext) that a 3rd party made but I am not sure what exaclty it did... (like device IDs or something way more complex). also check out this thread. its a good read... may help a little Step by Step Guide GTX 295
  9. make sure you have ioreg (xcode) open terminal and type this. ioreg -lw 0 -p IODeviceTree | grep device-prop > /graphicsenabler_dump.txt you will get a text file on your root of your mac with your current HEX string. copy from < to > the #'s inside.. and paste as a new file. graphics.hex then open OSX86tools.app (google it) and click "Add EFI strings / BOOT Flag" click "import Hex/Plist" select your .hex file then save as XML and there you have a direct copy of your hex in plist format. now you may have some gibberish <data> that can be converted to strings with any base64 converter like this http://coderstoolbox.net/string/ ie TlZEQSxEaXNwbGF5LUIA = NVDA,Display-B R2VGb3JjZSBHVFggNTkwAA== is GeForce GTX 590 if you convert it, you have to change <data></data> to <string></string> so its up to you. but that is how you'd pull your current config into a plist.
  10. ok the red numbers are from Chameleon Graphics Enabler = Yes. If you load the card up with no EFI string and just graphics enablers = yes, you can dump the current configuration of how the card is running (Chameleon) and that is what Chameleon uses. Now I KNOW that its obviously wrong... but if you use that setting it shows up as "display" on the second GPU in system profiler... it seems like a generic fallback for Chameleon to deal with the second card. basically in this thread our goal is to replace that <dict> in the plist with a working second card <dict> and get our second GPU working... hope that clears up some confusion
  11. Prerequisite: Chimera 1.4.1 Graphics Enabler = Yes Device ID (1088) in NVDAGF100Hal.kext npci=0x2000 in com.apple.Boot.plist So doing the above steps gives us a working GTX 590 card, but we are unable to get 2 Cores working. IE: System Information / Graphics Displays / 1 x Display / 1 x GTX 590 (instead of 2 x GTX 590) Now I have created a plist which can be converted into a EFI string that will replicate this method. GTX 590 .plist and the EFI string generated from the above PLIST Pastie for EFI STRING Experiments: ok now using this thread as an example... GTX 295 discussion that is a 2 core Single PCB card (also a dual model) that was made to work on previous OSX installs... perhaps we can replicate some of their progress but with the GTX 590.. Here is a plist that I whipped up, but for me, it doesn't work. it just reboots at the last step.... GTX 590 Dual Core - Single PCB - not working If someone can take a look at that PLIST and wants to try and get it to work... maybe you see something I am not doing right. Please post back any relevant info you find. (new builds of Chimera, or other booters that work, other injectors that work, better EFI strings, etc) Lets get this thing working with BOTH CORES!!! GTX590.plist.zip GTX590_singlePCB.plist.zip
  12. JMicron36xATA.kext JMicron36xeSATA.kext JMicron36xSATA.kext in /Extra/Extensions
  13. zurie

    Getting audio to work (889) on Lion

    try this: 889kext with Apple HDA and HDAEnabler just dont use the DSDT file thats included.. but use everything else.
  14. zurie

    Two messages spamming my Console

    I get kernel[0]: IOSurface: buffer allocation size is zero sometimes when I am in Chrome or Safari and I load flash content. doesn't seem to affect anything but I wonder if its got something to do with graphics.
  15. zurie

    [Installer] X58A-UD3R v 2.0 FF

    Just applied it today. I will test it after work. I've been following the other threads about CMOS reset 10.7 where USB hubs and Bluetooth have effect on sleep restore or not. Etc.