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Need help on Asus M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3

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Dear Seniors/ Mod/ Staffs


I wouldn't come this far for something which can be found through out the internet about installing OSX on AMD PC

After i changed my mobo few years ago i habn't played OSX on AMD machine, but just few weeks ago i started to OSX around

but I couldn't get it done.


- I tried the method from this thread. He got similar mobo as mine

but couldn't get that OSX86 ModCD 0.3.1 due to nawcoms blog inactive, google it and found the same file.

But end up getting this [Picture Below]


after that my system freezes


- I tried other distros like Hazard snow leopard, iATKOS but end up getting the same situation

*all done like HDD to AHCI and tried...... arch-i386, -v, -f, busratio=15, cpus=1, cpus=4...... etc

nothing works =[

* C1E disabled


nothing works

just checked my enthernet it's realtek 8111E no fix for that yet =[

anyone can help?


My specs:


-AMD 880G/SB850

AMD Athlon II x4 640 @3.4GHz

A-DATA XPG Xtreme DDR3-2000X 4GB

Nvidia Geforce GT 430

Realtek® ALC 892


500GB SATA II HDD [Windows 7]

500GB SATA II HDD [ Mac partition]

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burn the iso as slow as possible to avoid read errors /maybe also try usb version also reset your bios the optimized defaults settings and redo the AHCI C1E etc and try again

burned the iso 10x speed CD-RW with poweriso, is there any other software that can burn more slower?

reset to default setting.... same results =[

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Hows it going?


I am a complete noob but I run the same MOBO as you with a slightly different CPU, AMD Phenom II X 4 965BE, running Win 7 and Ubuntu 11.04. By the sounds of things you are more technical than me so I am sure you will get it going.


I just got mine up and running last night. I got OSX running in Virtualbox first and use it to format my Sony 16GB USB Flash Drive to GUID Journal Partition, instead of trying to burn a Mac OSX DVD. I came to this conclusion :moil: after speaking to a few members :help: and wasting about 4 DVD's :wallbash::smoke::wallbash::smoke::wallbash::smoke::wallbash::smoke:


If you already have a Retail Mac OS X 10.6.3 DVD then it should be alot faster, all you will need is ModCD on a CDR and your in business.


There are alot of guides out there which will be able to help you, if you just want it up and running then PM me. I am trying to figure out how to get it from 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 now.


All the best man, I am sure it will work. If I ever build another Hackintosh, i will buy Intel stuff or if I am sticking with AMD, I would go with a Gigabyte MOBO.


Resset :angel_not: was the one that helped me and he is da man !!!! :thumbsup_anim:

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