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OS X 10.7.2 build 11C62 !

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What problem ?


my little niece has problems with WLAN since day one with MacBook Air 2011, e.g. connection loss or poor connection at all.


other than that there are also problems with Mail, iPhoto, GarageBand etc...!


i hope the official Update will solve at least WLAN :rolleyes:


that's really odd, with my Non-MacPro 3,1 everything's working :angel:


CooSee ' Ya



P.S. Update from 11C57 ! Everything's fine :)

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maybe Lion is unfixable. So Apple will release OSX 10.7.2 betas all the next 6 months.. joking.. but anyways :


this is so sick. they put more effort into a *point* release then in the complete 10.7 development ??..


/* ranting ON


I gave up on Lion. 2 days ago the working 10.7.2 11c53 started getting slower and slower, did a restart, it kernel panicked. did a disk repair, it kernelpaniced. Safe mode : slow. crash reporter pops up, restarted - worked again as if a miracle happened. Sent it to sleep. Waked it up hours later : kernel panic.


I wiped it :


Fully back in Snow - this works, this is not broken, this is fast and reliable, updated to 10.6.8, all my kexts, same dsdt, same boot.plist, same smbios = working, still .(!) I swear that even the smallest issue I ever experienced with *any* lion build, beta or GM has been *instantly* cured with the rollback to 10.6.8, even in full 64bit mode, so this is also not the reason for Lions crappy performance or "compatibility issues". In Snow I have had kernelpanics in all the months I used it maximum a handful and then only when I doctored with kexts. ( to be expected and no suprise). In Lion they seem to happen like you are on the lottery, following no scheme. It runs fine a few days and then starts to go mad for no reasons...


10.7.0/1/2 GM/AppStore/betas xyz ALL a mess. A pile of {censored}. OS X VISTA. Not worth wearing the Apple logo .


Now for icloud which seems to work fine , it does not need Lion at all for the basics :


I will update my ipod with ios5 when they manage to get that out. ( and boy do I hope that they did not mess up iOS ) and this also to benefit from icloud and get the free @me.com suffix plus the 5gb storage this is all I need - according to Apple every iOS5 OR Lion User has a right to use that service. . so fantastic, here I am. my 4g touch waits .


Speculations arose of a 10.6.9 build to enable Snows as iCloud clients.. so.. there is room for surprises. And then really nobody "needs" Lion. Really.


/* ranting off.

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