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  1. final and 11d50 are identical.
  2. 10.7.3. is OUT !

    it contains exactly the same files
  3. it might simply be a permission problem.. fsck will not alter chmod/chown entries in /S/L/E . That's why diskutil repairpermission is needed as extra step .
  4. Ati 4650mobility LVDS Shrike for Lion 10.7.3 FINAL

    Basically you can use any smbios . Thing is : Ati 4670 mobility is in iMacs of late 2009, therefore a SMBIOS of iMac9,1 - 10,1 will auto-enable graphics-energy-saver settings. But I use MacBookPro5,1 because it works best with my Core2Duo speedstepping ( I don't use any longer nullcpu.kext ) - my MBP5,1 smbios will conflict with the Ati graphics-energysettings ( AppleGraphicsPowermanagement.kext ) , so I always edit this AGPM.kext in that way that I rename all instances of iMac10,1 to just MacBookPro5,1 .. To make the Graphicscard "just work" and do so with QE/CI enabled the above details are not important. It is all about Powersaving/Eleminating the loud fan noise from the GPU.. It will work as long as your device id is 9480 and have a display that outputs via Laptop standard - LVDS ( not VGA, not DVI , not Displayport ) .
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHdQs5UXBb8&feature=youtu.be
  6. Watch this how to deal with webcams in OSX PhotoBooth : http://youtu.be/nHdQs5UXBb8
  7. new : 11d50 .. issues : none ; same procedure as in 11D42 and 46 for Hacks.
  8. ati 3870 and aperture 3

    Ati4650mobility works fine with Aperture3.2 in Snow and Lion; yours is not that much bad than mine, so it should work too is my guess.
  9. P4 has SSE2 features which is the most important thing for OSX. SSE3 is better, but custom kernels can deal with this. Tiger 10.4.8 - 10.4.11 with vanilla or slightly modded Apple Kernel , old but very quick. Leopard 10.5.x and Snow 10.6.x ( 32bit mode only ; arch=i386 ) with a custom kernel leopard needs 512MB ram ( 1GB better ) - Sow needs 1GB ( 2GB better ) -- these two beasts are far more ressourcehungry, although Snow is faster then Leo and for Intels the best solution because it is optimized for Intels only. Lion 10.7.x is impossible as it is compiled for x64 CPUs only and this is only fun with 4GB or even 8 GB So look for a custom boot disk either Leo or Snow with a custom kernel. Search for users "Nawcom" or "Andy vanDyck" here or via google , both have done these kernels for all the OSX versions which run on almost any processors. I had long times Tiger and Leo on AMD K8 single core 1,5GhZ which is comparable to P4's features and it worked nice.
  10. I did a 10min install video using this USB method . Maybe it is helpful for some people. It shows a 3 times reboot phase using such a USB drive: first for booting up, partitioning internal disk and installing OSX onto the hard disk second to copy /Extra folder from USB drive onto hard disk third to boot the local hard disk with the USB and install chameleon onto the hard disk. This Video is specific designed for my L500 Satellite, but the general procedure with such a USB drive is the same .. therefore : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPbZMAMAy-g
  11. @ALL : please do not misuse this part of the forum as a discussion board; for I have not the time to answer questions here; It is only a Guide and I will ONLY keep topic 1 on page 1 up to date for new OS X versions, new kexts or new methods . I know it might sound "rude" but it simply is : If my kexts are working for your Graphics then fine, if not you simply need different ones or hexedit yourself ones ( also for VGA,HDMI etc output or if your frame buffer is not "Ati,Shrike" ) . This forum has tons of knowledge for how to make hardware working, including these patching methods. It is not simple, but then again I needed also to learn all this things for my Laptop ( CI/QE never worked until Snow 10.6.7 and only until I did these patching stuff.. ) Remember : my graphic kexts will ONLY work if yours is exactly my card : Device ID 9480 with Shrike Framebuffer and LVDS output.. ) The other kexts like Trackpad,Sound and so on will work naturally on a lot of different hardware too, but Graphics is special. Thank you
  12. 11D50 is the same update that Apple today released as final. So these kexts are now official. These drivers are massively enhanced for performance and Apple fixed the garbled graphics after Sleep for "some ATI powered iMacs" - and because these iMacs run the ATI4670 Mobility, the same fixes will work in the Mobility 4650 gpu because they are basically identical. Jan 31, Latest modded Ati Mobility 4650HD kexts : from OSX 10.7.3 FINAL Build 11D50 * can't get this uploaded here.. so this time only available outside of insanelymac ( forgive me, mods ) : http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2332 * include modded GraphicsPowermanagement.kexts from 10.7.2 as they are not updated in 10.7.3 use iMac9,1 / 10,1 SMBIOS for native GPU-Energysaver ( then don't use the included AGPM kexts of the pack above , only the ATI kexts and plugins and bundles) or MacBookPro5,1 SMBIOS to activate the Laptop-modded energy-kexts ( recommended if using Core2Duo Laptop ) . ############################################################### Working great on my Laptop , 32/64bit mode; use in 11D42/11D46 OSX 10.7.3 QE/CI with ATY_Init.kext , GraphicsEnabler=NO. DeviceID is 9480 - hexedited for LVDS output, using Ati's Shrike FB ( 1366x768 screen , 15.6 inches ) . ATY_Init.kext.zip
  13. ATI 4570 Mobility kext for Lion

    what is the device ID of this graphics card , how big is the screen size ( 1366x768 ) ? ( see about this mac, system profiler -> graphics ). RadeonHD won't give you QE/CI and AtiFramebuffer is only a generic kext since 10.6.7, so useless to patch on Lion. ATY_Init does work if it has been edited to use mobility personalities instead of Desktop ones. .. I have a 4650 in my Laptop and it works completely in 10.6.7/10.6.8 and in Lion , but there is some work to achieve it.
  14. Toshiba L500 runs these 11d42/46 builds with no problems. In fact it feels a bit faster now. Just needed to delete AppleHDA and hexedit the Ati4600controller for LVDS and obviously these Ati drivers are working good : I prepare a YT installation video with the 10.7.2 USB stick .. finally had the time to make one. Stay tuned ; My IM guide be updated soon .
  15. Hi, I have a Toshiba Laptop which works great with Snow and Lion ; The DSDT is fixed for almost everything working like usb,sleep,hpet,lpc and so on and tested over months usage with no problems; OSX works problem-free with SMBIOS of MacBookPro5.1 ( Core2Duo Speedstep vanilla ) but this Battery Thing with Lion is the last open issue for me. My BAT1 Entries in DSDT look very different from your example code and I don't want to mess my otherwise working file. Can you figure out what I need to change in order to have working battery kexts in Lion with original apple acpi and pci kexts ( I don't want to mix Snow and Lion files ). Thanks The complete dsdt that I use in OSX is attached as file. Here only Battery section : Device (BAT1) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0C0A")) Name (_UID, One) Name (_PCL, Package (0x01) { _SB }) Name (BMDL, Zero) Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) { If (ECOK ()) { If (^^EC0.BAL0) { Sleep (0x14) Return (0x1F) } Else { Sleep (0x14) Return (0x0F) } } Else { Sleep (0x14) Return (0x1F) } } Method (_BIF, 0, NotSerialized) { Name (STAT, Package (0x0D) { One, 0x1770, 0x1770, One, 0x2A30, 0x0258, 0xB4, 0x0108, 0x0EC4, "PA3533U ", "41167", "Li-Ion", "TOSHIBA" }) Name (CMMA, Buffer (0x0C) {}) CreateByteField (CMMA, Zero, APN1) CreateByteField (CMMA, One, APN2) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x02, APN3) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x03, APN4) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x04, APN5) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x05, APN6) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x06, APN7) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x07, APN8) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x08, APN9) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x09, Z00A) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x0A, Z00B) CreateByteField (CMMA, 0x0B, Z00C) Store (PHMR (0xACF8), APN1) Store (PHMR (0xADF8), APN2) Store (PHMR (0xAEF8), APN3) Store (PHMR (0xAFF8), APN4) Store (PHMR (0xB0F8), APN5) Store (PHMR (0xB1F8), APN6) Store (PHMR (0xB2F8), APN7) Store (PHMR (0xB3F8), APN8) Store (PHMR (0xB4F8), APN9) Store (PHMR (0xB5F8), Z00A) Store (PHMR (0xB6F8), Z00B) Store (PHMR (0xB7F8), Z00C) Store (CMMA, Index (STAT, 0x09)) If (ECOK ()) { Store (^^EC0.BDN0, Local0) Store (Local0, BMDL) Store (^^EC0.BFC0, BFC1) Sleep (0x14) Store (^^EC0.BDC0, Index (STAT, One)) Sleep (0x14) Store (^^EC0.BDV0, Index (STAT, 0x04)) Sleep (0x14) } Else { Store ("Li-Ion", Index (STAT, 0x0B)) Store (BFC1, Index (STAT, One)) } If (BFC1) { Divide (BFC1, 0x64, Local0, Local1) Multiply (Local1, 0x0A, Local1) Store (Local1, Index (STAT, 0x05)) Divide (BFC1, 0x64, Local0, Local1) Multiply (Local1, 0x03, Local1) Store (Local1, Index (STAT, 0x06)) Store (BFC1, Index (STAT, 0x02)) } Return (STAT) } Method (_BST, 0, NotSerialized) { Name (PBST, Package (0x04) { Zero, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0xFFFFFFFF, 0x2A30 }) Store (0x2A30, Local3) If (ECOK ()) { Sleep (0x14) Store (^^EC0.BST0, BST1) Sleep (0x14) Store (^^EC0.BRC0, Local2) Sleep (0x14) Store (^^EC0.BPV0, Local3) Sleep (0x14) } Store (BST1, Index (PBST, Zero)) Store (Zero, Index (PBST, One)) Store (Local2, Index (PBST, 0x02)) Store (Local3, Index (PBST, 0x03)) If (ECOK ()) { If (LNotEqual (^^EC0.BDN0, BMDL)) { Notify (BAT1, 0x81) } } Return (PBST) } } Device (DMAC) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0200")) Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate () { IO (Decode16, 0x0000, // Range Minimum 0x0000, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x20, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x0081, // Range Minimum 0x0081, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x11, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x0093, // Range Minimum 0x0093, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x0D, // Length ) IO (Decode16, 0x00C0, // Range Minimum 0x00C0, // Range Maximum 0x01, // Alignment 0x20, // Length ) DMA (Compatibility, NotBusMaster, Transfer8_16, ) {4} }) } dsdt.aml.zip