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  1. Followed the guide by Zenith; all good. Thank you.
  2. I'm getting black screens with the Tech Preview. The mouse cursors are there and I can network in to the VM but nothing is showing up on screen.. Any ideas?
  3. I didn't copy over any SCSI drivers and mine booted fine.
  4. kup

    ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

    Fancy uploading a zip of the kexts you've used?
  5. Once it has booted once, I added "-v" to the com.apple.Boot.plist so I can see the bootlog..
  6. Working fine here, latest VMW Workstation and 102 Unlocker. I made a VMDK installer (as per Lion instructions) and installed to a fresh 10.7 64Bit VM. It takes forever to boot but it gets there. Also, the VMWare SVGA driver (1.2.4 I believe), by Zenith, wortks with ML. EDIT: It pauses here for aaaaagggges before progressing and working fine (and fast)..
  7. kup

    First tries

    Installing in a VM fine, using the Unlocker 102 and latest VMWare Workstation.
  8. how do you PM on this thing? Haha! Hey Kup. Good write up on the p6x58d. If you have a quick moment I can't get the bootloader going. Thanks chief!

  9. kup

    XPC Shuttle SH67H3

  10. Could you explain how you rectified the problem?
  11. I can confirm that the 10.7.3 dev build is also running fine on 8.0.1.
  12. kup

    iAtkos S3 V2 + VMWare

    Wrong? Sebus is correct. Thanks to the Unlockers provided by Donk and MSoK and others, retail installs are easily possible on VMWare now. Please read the forums before posting threads like this.