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  1. CooSee

    MAYA44 XTe !

    great news - I can't believe it - maybe this will be my next Soundcard for the next decade ;-) Sorry, i'am getting old - it's better to get the new MAYA eX, which is current and also supported for OSX.
  2. CooSee

    MAYA44 XTe !

    thank you so much - works perfect - i saved more than 100 bucks, because of you
  3. CooSee

    MAYA44 XTe !

    never bought a card from ESI, to expensive and there support is awful, because there's none ! they released a new version - ESI MAYA44 eX - which has macOS driver support, if someone is interested - 169 € / using - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX - right now, bought it for 20 € and with the modified kx driver everything's fine :-)
  4. CooSee

    Solved! need help with DSDT

    thanks again so much for your time and effort ! -- Intel® Power Gadget << great Tool.
  5. CooSee

    Solved! need help with DSDT

    nope, onboard Audio is off. NVME appears intern and the only one with TRIM enabled.
  6. CooSee

    Solved! need help with DSDT

    ok, good to know. TRIM doesn't work but I can see my NVME Drive now maybe I'll replace my FunToo Linux at later time, which is on the M.2 atm. Now, it feels like a perfect System thanks MaLd0n !
  7. CooSee

    Solved! need help with DSDT

    I can't believe it - Boot ok - no black screen - Nvidia Web Drivers works again No Sensors with iStat, will try HW-Sensors - which one I should choose these http://www.hwsensors.com/releases or Kozleks? here's a new ioreg. thank you so much. coosees_iMac_17_1.ioreg.zip
  8. CooSee

    Solved! need help with DSDT

    thanks for reply Skylake.
  9. hello, running fresh Sierra with the old Clover config from old El Capitan. using two kexts FakeSMC and NullCPU - and somehow the case Fans running full speed. tried without NullCPU but no luck - I think I need better DSDT. also can't activate Nvidia Web Drivers on Sierra, tried with NvidiaWebDriverUpdater. is someone please so kind and can help me out. thanks. coosee_EFI.zip Send me coosees iMac.zip coosees_iMac_14.2.ioreg.zip
  10. CooSee

    Update help required.

    hello, i assume the CPU will not suffice for Sierra. CPU must have SSE 4.1 greetings
  11. CooSee

    Installing Sierra on a Skylake Notebook

    there's no special kexts needed just the right ' Installer Tool ' like Chris1111 USB Installer <<< which is not available anymore atm :-( You can try Pandora's Box - never tried myself. I tried Sierra, but was dissapointed, because there's was no Sound on my System ! good luck greetings
  12. CooSee

    GM Sierra & MSI Skylake

    i tried too, but no luck with sierra only white screen with beachball el cap is working well >> thanks to Chris1111 greetings
  13. CooSee

    El Capitan Skylake USB

    @ chris1111 thank you so much my new skylake system purrs like a kitten i owe you so much beer or what ever you prefer ' i you for this ' greetings from Berlin
  14. CooSee

    Working USB Sierra Install Boot Drive?

    this is good news for me, too
  15. CooSee

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 is out!

    update via AppStore. everything's fine greetings