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Macbook or Mini?

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My parents are going to buy me a new computer this summer and i'm not sure what I want to get. They are letting me spend about $1200 although I think I will add into that with my own money to make it $1500. I am sort of stumped on what to get A Core Duo Mac Mini with 1gb of RAM and a 20" Cinema Display, or a 2.0ghz White Macbook with 1gb of Ram. I really want to get a large display after having this old 17" for a long time, but I also do not want to be cut short on performance and I think the built in iSight would be pretty cool to have.


Mac Mini

+Huge Monitor

+Dual-Layer Superdrive









-Cramped Keyboard

-Signifigantly smaller screen

-Damn trackpad



I will be using it for everyday tasks such as surfing the web, using listening to music and stuff but I am now doing some Photoshop work just about daily. I also am wanting to learn coding and things along those lines, will a Mini be enough?


I am a freshman in HS so I don't have to have a laptop but it might save me some money when I go to college (yes, I plan on keeping it that long, my current computer is pushing 6+ years). Should I consider the iMac? I really don't want the 17" screen and will probally not have enough money to go for the 20".





Edit: Currently I have a completely stock Sony Vaio (the one I referred to earlier) with a 2.4ghz Pentium 4 and 512mb Ram. Would anybody here be able to compare this to a Macbook or Mini?

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cant compare, sry.


if your parents are gonna buy you a computer, go for the macbook. its keyboard really isnt that cramped, and it has a good resolution. i sit on my 15 inch mbp every day and i dont mind it. you wouldnt get any advantages with the mini other than the keyboard (just usb it) and you would NEED to get a monitor (parents will help a bit more), theyy both have the GMA950 and the sma processor. you could also switch to a diffferent display once u get some more money.


but yeah. i wouldnt gt a mac mini over a macbook under any condition.

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Personally, I would get the 17" imac instead.

But it all really depends on what you want to do.

You dont want to get the mini and end up wanting to play some games..

But you also dont want to get the Macbook and have it sitting on your desk for all of its life.

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Jon, be patient and wait for the next wave of products. If the next Macbook comes with a x3000 built-in video, I'd definately get one. But I agree entirely that with $1500 you can get an iMac, and its better than both Mini and MB.

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You won't be gaming on neither the MacBook nor Mini, Performance-wise they will be nearly identical. And the MacBook screen? Have you ever used one, It's tiny! I love it - though.


Get a 20" iMac if budget permits (I use AU $$ so have really no idea)

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being about ur age, ive used desktops for life and the macbook was my first laptop. After outfitting it with 2 gig of ram this thing flies. It was the best computer purchase of my life. Its fun having the isight and mic so i can talk and videochat on skype and ichat. I also can take my macbook literally anywhere and use it. The mini on the other hand has to have an external monitor which limits its mobility. I use my macbook as my main computer and have turned my old hackintosh into a very fast webserver. And the GMA950 suits my occasional want to play Halo at pretty good fps. I advise u to get the macbook with 2 gig of ram, which will last u at least for 5 years.

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