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  1. Hi, I searched and noticed this was a common issue, however I didn't find a fix - so I'm wondering is there something around I missed. Or is there another distribution that will work? When I try to Boot my Centrino SSE2 with the DVD it hangs on the Kernel version. If I try to boot using the speedstep kernel I get quite a bit further, but it ends up coming back to the same screen hanging (this time it has a build number for the Mac OS version though) Any ideas? thanks
  2. Problems with GMA900 on Leopard

    Troisd does this give the illusion CI and QE are supported; or does it still not work properly?
  3. Who thinks Vista Sucks

    I think vista is extremely underrated, I've only tried it on a powerful system though....It used something like 40% of 2GB RAM idle. It's the only operating system I'd consider using besides OS X.
  4. 10.5.1 is out, finally.

    A '.1' update is a lot less significant than a service pack from Microsoft, I think.
  5. How do you become a Guru?

    Someone can get a 'badge' AND help the community if they donate --- How can I edit the 10.5.0 HCL? "This page has been locked to prevent editing."
  6. 10.4.11

    Are you going to think of making a complete 10.4.11 + EFI Bootloader DVD? (FOr SSE2 too ?)
  7. Leopard a Service Pack?

    They are if Microsoft want to make money..Apple don't have the same problem IMO as they don't rely on sales of Leopard to gain revenue.
  8. I would be active if it were created..I play the piano. --- I still think there are too many sub-forums. The Video forum/audio forum/Photography forum and possibly the web design forum could all be joined as they are relatively inactive... The Apple TV forum (which also is relatively inactive) is in the 'Macintosh' category yet iPhone/iPod in the OS X one...The forum just seems a bit disorganised and cluttered IMO. I count 42 sub-forums. .
  9. Maybe, There are so many sub-forums though it's ridiculous. Honestly.
  10. Leopard a Service Pack?

    I agree Apple have made it simpler but It's not like they won't recoup their losses for offering a stand alone-cheap operating system in hardware seals. I don't think Vista's variants are too hard to understand if you read a little .
  11. Windows Vista

    I believe people generally game on XP because it uses lower system resources and has better driver support, to be expected considering it's 5 years old IMO.
  12. OSx86

    I don't see how 'morally' it is wrong...I'd guess and say a lot of people here have their OSx86 machines as a 'stepping stone' to buying a real mac, rather than a replacement.
  13. Leopard a Service Pack?

    From the {censored} smith website the Home premium upgrade cost is $299 AUD, I assume these are retail prices; the cost most people would be buying it for.
  14. Leopard a Service Pack?

    Not exactly. What? It's still windows...It's not an entirely new OS. Have you used OS X 10.0 and 10.1, and then 10.2 etc..? I realise the changes aren't as dramatic as say XP > Vista (Time and cost though are the compromise) but the difference between OS X 10.0 and 10.5 is indescribable.. IMO The 10.X updates are bigger than service packs but less than a new 'operating system' such as between XP and Vista...
  15. OS 9.2 Where to get it

    What? The problem is if he doesn't natively run OS 9 on his iMac he can't install the latest firmware update needed for Mac OS X 10.2 or later, without this firmware update all hell breaks loose.