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iTableous "mod" - hackintosh meets iPhone 4


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I finally finished my little project and I wish to introduce it here and ask you for comments / remarks.


What is iTableous:


A spinning mill, an idea that was implemented just once or even a table. Anyone can define it for themselves. Considered it is an iPhone 4 that was a bit too long in the gym why it is now 1.20 meters "short". The idea came while watching various DIY projects on the net. The idea to build an iPhone in the form of a table is not new. The implementation has mot nearly convinced me so far. This is probably because I like to expect a certain functionality of the products I use. In short, I wanted to do it better and have tinkered four months.


iPhone 4? Why not wait for the iPhone 5 (or 4S or whatever)?


Contrary to popular opinion in other forums, I like the design of the iPhone 4 very well. The feel could indeed actually be better, but the design convinced - at least for me. Who knows how good the iPhone 5 is looking?


Why white?


Why black?


What can iTableous?


Quite a lot and I think for a "table" enough. This includes Full HD TV reception via DVB-T, an integrated DVD player, a mini-ITX board with dual boot option (OSX SL and Win 7), a 4 +1 sound system, a HD-cam, of course a microphone, external connections (Line In and USB), iPhone-Connection via Apple AV Composite Cable under the home button and other small things. You can find more info here:


http://www.benjaminbachmeier.com/itableous.html -> Technical Specs


What can not iTableous?


Multi-touch - unfortunately. Since there is no provider that offers a slide in at least 40 inches with a USB connection I have to use a wireless keyboard to use the computer. If anyone knows a supplier - please info me. As an alternative I have a Wii Remote diverted to operate the IR-Cam over two small infrared lights with LED signals and thus to operate the computer with pseudo-multi-touch. This feature is not yet satisfying and is therefore more alpha than beta. (Check Wiimote Whiteboard Solution to gain an idea of what I want to do with that)


Where does the name come from?


Well, there is a separate creation from word table and fabulously and the typical "i".


So, enough writing. Here's the video:



Three things should be mentioned:


1. In the Video you can see 2 Movies laying on the Desktop - Super8 and XMen. Both of them are only trailers to test the Full-HD functionality


2. The Video-Quality is extremely poor. I am not good in filming and running out of free time, to do a good one. So please be fair.


3. This is a private project and only for private purpose. I do not plan to produce a second iTableous.


Looking forward to your suggestions, questions, criticisms, etc., and am looking forward to your response.


Greetings from Germany,




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I am very impressed by your craftsmanship! Amazing work.


If you don't mind me asking what do you do for a living? I could only assume you play with CNC machines all day. (Something I wish I could do)


I would love to have a huge iphone in the middle of my living room. Maybe as a coffee table ;)

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