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  1. G5 fan rewiring help needed urgently

    Mess around with it. Thats how I worked it out. Its 5V, not going to do you any harm. TBH thats probably against what everyone will say, dont mess with electricity etc, but like I say, worked for me
  2. Howto install from 12A128p.dmg ?

    Questions like this indicate you should not be installing ML in its current state to be honest.
  3. How to know if OC is working on Hackintosh?

    Overclock working fine for me. Just OC'ed the usual way, with bios. No speedster or any of that rubbish, running native appleintelCPUPM, and speeds detected in bios boot up screen, and about this mac. Your problem might be you need a different bus ratio. I remember when the first i7's came out, different ones needed a different number, think it has something to do with the multiplier, so have a look not that.
  4. Not being funny, this is not a bios mod forum, you need to look elsewhere.
  5. Only thing I can think of is using Carbon Copy Cloner and schedule an update image every few hours/once per day/whatever, and of SSD onto HDD. You could stop HDD mounting at boot (look on google, forgot how) but don't know if CCC can mount a drive before mounting it. Out of interest, why do you mind about 2 identical drives appearing?
  6. Mac Mini Pro?

    http://www.zotacusa.com/specsheet/IONITX-P-E.pdf Know its got a celeron rather than 1155 but its a start. 6.7x6.7 inches 17x17cm Edit: just thought, is it even side enough for a RAM stick?
  7. Sorry for the English, but was wondering if you were meant to use the old DSDT from pack v1.06 as none is included in the download. And if sleep worked at all? That's the only thing missing from my Lion ATM. Thanks, Rory
  8. G5 Mod Firewire trouble - am i missing something?

    Nope, I dont have FW, and with it completely unconnected, it powered on, and USB worked as did LED. But couldnt hold power to turn off. So, the wire that goes into the fw header connector, that effectively goes to 2 pins (think its ground) I connected to USB ground and now it all works perfectly. Except obviously USB.
  9. eMac with i5-2,8GHz

    Did you add a new monitor, or connect the old screen directly to mobo?
  10. iTableous "mod" - hackintosh meets iPhone 4

    On engadget and you truly deserve to be. This is definitely the best mod I have seen all year. Amazing attention to detail, well done
  11. G5 LED and Powerbutton without the connector?

    Just mess about with it. If its going to work, theres only 3 possible combinations so just try them. Also, if its going to work it will have common ground, so just go from there. Use a battery with 2 wires on it to work out the LED then the other leg must be the switch
  12. Power pins to motherboard

    Well just wrote up a whole pst about how I had no idea of any mono that needed a 2x4 connector for power, bt looed at the spec sheet and of course you are correct. Then I looked at my psu and I have this connector that I had never even known existed.... I think you won't be able to use an adapter as it is the cpu power connector, and will require specific voltage and current on each pin. Could be wrong, but not worth chancing it imo.
  13. GMA950 with Lion

    To add, to make it finally work perfectly, use the newest chameleon, then I used the frame buffer next from snow leopard 10.6.0, but kept all the other gma950 kexts stock lion GM. Works great now, full res and QE/CI. And no stupid dark screen
  14. GMA950 with Lion

    Use chameleon r1140. It has graphics enabler features for gma950 if you use graphicsenabler=yes. Booting in 64 bit gives a mach-o error, and for me, booting in 32 bit gives very low brightness. But I am trying to fix the low brightness issue with some hex editing. But QE/CI are enabled with that boot loader, and no dsdt edits, no efi string and no patched kexts on lion GM.
  15. PS/2 Keyboard functional but not detected

    Cheers for the help with editing setup assistant.app. However, no on every normal boot, get bluetoth assistant telling me no keyboard installed. Anyone with a suggestion to stop it doing this?