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  1. Hi, I finally finished my little project and I wish to introduce it here and ask you for comments / remarks. What is iTableous: A spinning mill, an idea that was implemented just once or even a table. Anyone can define it for themselves. Considered it is an iPhone 4 that was a bit too long in the gym why it is now 1.20 meters "short". The idea came while watching various DIY projects on the net. The idea to build an iPhone in the form of a table is not new. The implementation has mot nearly convinced me so far. This is probably because I like to expect a certain functionality of the products I use. In short, I wanted to do it better and have tinkered four months. iPhone 4? Why not wait for the iPhone 5 (or 4S or whatever)? Contrary to popular opinion in other forums, I like the design of the iPhone 4 very well. The feel could indeed actually be better, but the design convinced - at least for me. Who knows how good the iPhone 5 is looking? Why white? Why black? What can iTableous? Quite a lot and I think for a "table" enough. This includes Full HD TV reception via DVB-T, an integrated DVD player, a mini-ITX board with dual boot option (OSX SL and Win 7), a 4 +1 sound system, a HD-cam, of course a microphone, external connections (Line In and USB), iPhone-Connection via Apple AV Composite Cable under the home button and other small things. You can find more info here: http://www.benjaminbachmeier.com/itableous.html -> Technical Specs What can not iTableous? Multi-touch - unfortunately. Since there is no provider that offers a slide in at least 40 inches with a USB connection I have to use a wireless keyboard to use the computer. If anyone knows a supplier - please info me. As an alternative I have a Wii Remote diverted to operate the IR-Cam over two small infrared lights with LED signals and thus to operate the computer with pseudo-multi-touch. This feature is not yet satisfying and is therefore more alpha than beta. (Check Wiimote Whiteboard Solution to gain an idea of what I want to do with that) Where does the name come from? Well, there is a separate creation from word table and fabulously and the typical "i". So, enough writing. Here's the video: Three things should be mentioned: 1. In the Video you can see 2 Movies laying on the Desktop - Super8 and XMen. Both of them are only trailers to test the Full-HD functionality 2. The Video-Quality is extremely poor. I am not good in filming and running out of free time, to do a good one. So please be fair. 3. This is a private project and only for private purpose. I do not plan to produce a second iTableous. Looking forward to your suggestions, questions, criticisms, etc., and am looking forward to your response. Greetings from Germany, Benjamin
  2. Hallo zusammen, bin nun endlich mit meinem kleinen Projekt fertig und möchte euch dies hier vorstellen und euch um Kommentare / Anmerkungen bitten. Was ist iTableous: Eine Spinnerei, eine Idee die einfach mal umgesetzt wurde oder auch nur ein Tisch. Das kann jeder für sich selbst definieren. Grob betrachtet ist es ein iPhone 4, dass etwas zu lange in der Muckibude war und so auf 1,20m gewachsen ist. Die Idee kam beim Betrachten verschiedenster DIY-Projekte im Netz. Die Idee, ein iPhone in Form eines Tisches zu bauen ist ja nicht neu. Die Umsetzung hat mich jedoch bisher nicht annähernd überzeugt. Dies liegt wahrscheinlich vor allem daran, dass ich gerne auch eine gewisse Funktionalität der von mir genutzten Produkte erwarte. Kurzum, ich wollte es besser machen und habe 4 Monate gebastelt. iPhone 4? Warum nicht auf das 5er warten? Im Gegensatz zur weitläufigen Meinung in anderen Foren gefällt mir das Design des iPhone 4 sehr gut. Die Haptik könnte zwar tatsächlich besser sein, aber das Design überzeugt - zumindest mich. Wer weiß wie gut das 5er aussieht?! Warum weiß? Warum schwarz? Was kann iTableous? Recht viel und wie ich finde für einen "Tisch" doch genug. Dazu zählt Full HD, TV-Empfang via DVB-T, ein integrierter DVD-Player, ein Mini-ITX-Board mit Dualboot-Option (OSX SL - Hackint0sh und Win 7 Pro), ein 4+1 Soundsystem, eine HD-Webcam, natürlich auch ein Mikrofon, externe Zugänge (Line In und USB) und noch weitere Kleinigkeiten. Mehr Infos hab ich hier zusammen geschrieben: http://www.benjaminbachmeier.com/itableos.html -> Technical Specs Was kann iTableous nicht? Multitouch - leider. Da es noch keinen Anbieter gibt, der eine Folie in mind. 40 Zoll mit USB-Anbindung anbietet bin ich auf das Wireless Keyboard angewiesen, um den Rechner zu bedienen. Wenn jemand einen Anbieter kennt - bitte Info an mich. Als Alternative habe ich eine Wii Remote zweckentfremdet, um die IR-Cam über 2 kleine IR-LED-Lights mit Signalen zu bedienen und somit den Rechner mit Pseudo-Multitouch zu bedienen. Diese Funktion läuft jedoch noch nicht zufriedenstellend und ist somit eher alpha als beta. Woher kommt die Bezeichnung? Nun ja, es ist eine eigene Wortkreation aus Table und Fabulös sowie dem für das iPhone typische "i". So, genug geschrieben. Hier das Video: Freue mich über Anregungen, Anfragen, Kritik usw. und bin gespannt auf eure Reaktion. Gruß
  3. For all of you with shutdown / reboot - problems: Try to install Chameleon 2.0.0 RC4! In the Package from nozyczek RC5 is included. RC4 works very good in my case.
  4. Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply. Try to use the DSDT / com.apple.boot / SMBIOS / OPENHALTRESTART from the attached files. This is giving me fully working shutdown and reboot (no fully working sleep until now but this seems to be an issue of my board). Don´t forget to repair permissions after installing the Kext´s in Extras/Extensions Waiting for your response. Btw: In SMBIOS and boot.apple.plist FSB is set to 667Mhz which gives you 2.05Ghz. Don´t know if this is working for you. Set the Bios-Parameter for FSB from 533 to 667Mhz. Edit: Use USB = FullSpeed and Power Management Settings disabled in Bios. Suspend = S3. Additionally I´ve installed Sleepenabler.kext for 10.6.7 in System/Extensions. Attachments.zip
  5. Hi, it seems that you have 2 problems. The first Problem seems to be the Sound. To fix this you have to solve the second Problem: You are not "root" to create kext cache. I think you forgot to follow the steps from Nozyczek: To install the package (after you did the Combo-Update): 1. Downlad hackintosh_zotac_ionitx_b_g_10.6.7_v3.3.zip 2. UNZIP the folder to your Desktop 3. Start Terminal and become root 3.1 type sudo -s (to become root) 3.1.1 (enter your password) 3.2 write: cd Desktop/hackintosh_zotac_ionitx_b_g_10.6.7_v3.3 3.3 write: ./installer 3.4 select Option "i" (install automaticly) 3.5 Use Disk utility to repair permission 3.6 Shutdown your HD connected to the Mac (or restart if you want) 4. connect HD to your A-E, start it up and follow the steps on P20 to fix the Sound-Problem. I hope this will fix your problem. If not, try to give yourself permissions (before Restart / Shutdown) using Finder -> Rightclick -> Information -> Permissions -> Add your Account. You need to do this with every folder (./ and ./Extras and ./Extras/Extensions).
  6. Same here. The Bios said that the Board is running on 667 FSB (in my case) but OSX is showing 533. I have no Idea how to fix this yet.
  7. I´m glad that my steps are working for you But the Credits will go to eugene k2, polvorito and of course to nozyczek. Here are my thoughts about the mentioned modifications: 4GB-Ram: We should take a look at the DSDT from eugene_k2 to find the differences on how to enable the full 4GB. This should be not that difficult. Maybe we can take the settings from eugene_k2 and combine it with the DSDT from nozyczek?! Overclocking: As noticed by polvorito the CPU-Speedset is written down in somewhat as p- and c-states in the DSDT Powermanagement. I don´t know if this would work, but it should be possible to set the FSB in the DSDT to 667Mhz. I absolutely don´t know how the CPU and FSB is set up in DSDT but I will take a look at that on the weekend. Maybe someone with more experience on this can give us a hint about how to modify what?
  8. Hi everybody, thanks for this awesome thread. Last Weekend I did a bit Research on this and tried to install 10.6.x on my ION A-E. I was focused on 10.6.6 but at least I got 10.6.7 running - inculding Sound, Wifi and Sleep working. I would like to share my steps with you just in case someone would like to do the same and don´t want to read the full thread here. How To: 1) Do a clean Install on 10.6.x using your Mac, VM or whatever you use as your „real“ Mac to set everything up - I followed the steps from eugene k2, michael and Polvorito, connected my future-hackintosh-HD via Sata to USB-Adapter to my MBP, formated everything (on the new HD for sure) as Mac OSX Journaled (Extended) and installed OSX 10.6.1 (I´ve tried „Install-DVD“ and „Upgrade-DVD“ of SL - both are working fine) 2) Do the 10.6.7-Combo-Update (get it directly from Apple) on your focused HD but avoid to Restart after the Update is finished! Do NOT Resart yet! 3) Download the hackintosh-package from b-g (hackintosh_zotac_ionitx_b_g_10.6.7_v3.3.zip ) by nozyczek on this page: http://sites.google.com/site/nozyczek/home...otac-ionitx-b-g 4) Use Terminal to install the package as mentioned in the guide. It will install the atom-kernel, chameleon, DSDT and some kext. 5) Repair permissions using Disk-Utility 6) Restart your Hackintosh-HD 7) Power off your Mac (or just unmount the hackintosh HD) and connect the HD to your Zotac A-E-Hackintosh 8) Set BIOS-Settings as mentioned by nozyczek (AHCI, USB Fullspeed, PowerManagement Disabled and so on) After Restart you will have NO SOUND, NO WIFI and NO SLEEP / REBOOT. Here we have to do some further steps: Solution for SOUND: Install AppleHDA-Kext from polvorito´s package using kexthelper B7 or something else to S/L/E. Repair permissions using Disk-Utility and restart. Sound should be working now (but still no Sound via HDMI). You can also use VoodooHDA if you want, but I had some strange noise-feedback on the speakers concerning to this driver. Solution for WIFI: Use the Atheros AR9285-Kext from Kexts.com (http://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=462) - 2.28 MB-Package. Install this kext using kexthelper or whatever and wait until it has done its job. Repair permissions using Disk-Utility. Now Wifi should come up. No Restart required. Solution for SLEEP (not fully working for me): I use the newest version from Ev0reboot (http://www.osx86.es/?p=749) and replaced it with the one in E/E. After that I´ve got a full working hackintosh on 10.6.7 and as mentioned by nozyczek, all updates provided by the software-update-utility from apple can be installed without problems. Start to enjoy. Btw: I haven´t wrote in English for a long time. So please excuse the bad grammar.