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  1. glossymexican

    Melt's G5 mods - one complete, one in progress

    I completely disagree. He wanted to maintain the integrity of the case. There is a reason why so many people mod this case, it is gorgeous. Why cover it up with cheap metal?
  2. glossymexican

    G5 Casemod (Question)

    I would recommend buying a front I/O cable from AlohaCab it works perfect and is only $36 which is probably a lot cheaper than all the effort it would take to make one yourself. -Z
  3. glossymexican

    Mac Mini Pro?

    I'd push for an old core duo mac mini with a bad hdd or bad RAM. You could probably nab one for $100-$150+ and it would make life easier with the 6.5x6.5" logic board. Would take a lot of the fun out of the hackintosh process though. You could also use a busted Dell mini netbook. -Z
  4. glossymexican

    Mac Mini Pro?

    http://wolphbite.com/blog/?p=62 good luck.
  5. glossymexican

    Trying my own G5 case mod [Need your help]

    I removed the standoffs with the ball at the end as they get in the way. I just tapped them with a hammer and they popped right off. What I did was pop some standoffs off and then screw them into the motherboard tray using the logic board screws off the old G5. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1738155 From there I used JB Weld on the bottom of the standoffs and rested the tray where I decided it needed to go. The JB Weld is pretty strong and held up nicely. Just make sure everything lines up before doing so. Another way is to use a glue gun but that takes more measuring and I am lazy. As for the back panel that is a tough one. There are bolts on the inside of the case so it would be hard to get it snug against the edges. You may need to find something else or cover up the hole and cut out a new one for your fan or fans.
  6. glossymexican

    G5 Mod - Cutting, but no JBWeld

    That looks great! As for the 1 1/4 inch screws I could not find them. Haven't gotten around to 'really' searching for some other than the big box stores. I was also thinking about mounting the old fan enclosure to the front somehow. - Z
  7. glossymexican

    Trying my own G5 case mod [Need your help]

    To get pop rivets out you drill them out. - Z
  8. glossymexican

    Power Mac G5 Case mod. Idea for easy PSU integration.

    I got my firewire PCIx1 card installed and the AlohaCab cable works PERFECTLY! Thank you! This is the setup as it is now. The fans are mounted poorly on the back. It is a "good enough" for now until I have some free time and I'll drill out the holes properly. The Zalman fans are SILENT! I do have a lot of wasted space in the front and I need to figure out a way to mount the fans. I might have to build or find something online. I wanted to use the old rear G5 fan mount but I don't think it is going to work at all. Later this week I am also upgrading to the ATI Radeon HD 5770 because it is supported natively by Apple so the fans will keep quiet. My rig is completely silent EXCEPT the rather noisy GeForce GTS 250. Not the cleanest build by a long shot but I think it looks alright. On a scale of 1-10 it was probably a 4 overall difficulty wise and I'd definitely recommend using a micro-ATX mobo and a mobo tray/back panel as it was very easy to integrate with the G5 chassis. - Z
  9. glossymexican

    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I got my firewire PCI card installed and the cable now works perfectly! Thank you!!!
  10. glossymexican

    Trying my own G5 case mod [Need your help]

    Find out what your G5 is. Looks like a later model so the BlackCH front I/O cable might not work. I think you should do what I suggested which is get the motherboard "tray" mount that to the existing G5 standoffs and then sort of feed the audio/usb cables through the holes. If you wanted to avoid that altogether and don't mind spending some money. You could buy a PCI USB card and a PCI sound card and that would handle your rear I/O most likely. You could always just feed an ethernet cable through the existing hole. Having said that this will probably require some planning because you are using a full ATX motherboard so the I/O might not line up correctly. The G5 has 4 PCI I/O slots and full ATX generally has more than that. - Z You also might wanna track down a 5" or longer torx T10 screwdriver to remove the heatsinks. That was the hardest part. - Z
  11. glossymexican

    Trying my own G5 case mod [Need your help]

    Check out zammykoo's mod: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=253527 However, I would not say that this is easier. The cutting thing does not have to be "precise" per se. That is the beauty of using the motherboard tray. The back covers up the cuts so no worries as long as you don't make the holes too large. My cuts were not perfectly straight and I survived just fine. I don't think anybody is going to look at your G5 and say "yeah looks cool, now let me check the back and make sure it looks perfect." Nobody will notice! If you look at a lot of the mods here a lot of people do not post pictures of the back because well, it probably doesn't look that great but I personally do not care about the back. If you wanted to make no cuts you could [probably] rip the plastic off the rear I/O ports and slide a lot of the cables you need through the holes. i.e. ethernet, audio, USB. It won't look pretty but it would be easy. The problem is I think your motherboard is full ATX so it likely would not line up properly on the inside. That is why I used a micro ATX motherboard it is more versatile. Good luck though, I'm sure people on the forums will give you tips! - Z
  12. glossymexican

    Trying my own G5 case mod [Need your help]

    I got by with just a dremel with the metal cutting set and some basic tools. That doesn't mean it was easy. Some people use a metal handsaw but I can only imagine how difficult that is. Your best bet would be to use a motherboard tray as a lot of people in the forums did. My mod took a couple of days but it wasn't bad. Requires a lot of planning. Lots of people around here make them and I see some from time to time on craigslist but I cannot say for Switzerland! Best of luck!
  13. glossymexican

    G5 Mod - Cutting, but no JBWeld

    I saw that. I used the clips that came with the G5 I just cut the whole piece into little pieces. I need to use a better adhesive though as the glue I used does not hold very well. Either that or scuff up the surface. I mounted mine to the bottom using L brackets and it is not pretty. Next time I'm bored I may use your idea as I have a lot of space in the front. I also have the AlohaCab cable which is VERY well made. I however did not read the description and had to order a Firewire PCIx1 card so I'm waiting for that to come before the front I/O will work.
  14. glossymexican

    G5 Mod - Cutting, but no JBWeld

    Looks excellent! Very clean looking. I had never thought of mounting my PSU like that. Would have been a LOT easier.
  15. glossymexican

    Power Mac G5 Case mod. Idea for easy PSU integration.

    PSU is mounted. Removed front tray cover of Bluray drive [whoops] and finished installing all hardware. The cable from AlohaCab did not work because I cannot read. My mobo does not have onboard firewire so the wire cannot make a ground to complete the circuit for the switch to work. For now I am just using an old switch until my firewire PCIx1 card shows up. Installing Windows7/OS X now. I'll post pictures of the completed build when the FireWire card gets here and I can get everything sorted. - Z