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Mozilla Version and Feature Madness

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Since Chrome became the "coolest Browser" the Mozilla Team has suffered from Chrome-Envy. They copied many of Chromes Features and "designed" many idiotic Interface Changes. Each new features seems to warrant a new version: Firefox 4, 5 and 6 are hardly a few months apart.


Please, give us mere mortals a break! The charm of Firefox (compared to it’s sister product Mozilla) was it’s compactness and simplicity. If you wanted more you simply added one of many great plug-ins.


But it seems the Mozilla Team has forgotten why Firefox was created in the first place: to offer a smaller alternative to the bloat.


And also stop the version madness. Just because Chrome already offers version 14 doesn’t mean you guys have to push release numbers to catch up. That’s plain stupid and confusing …


Please let's start a discussion about Firefox and Thunderbird version madness. What used to make Firefox great was the add-ons. But now developers can't keep up. Personally I am staying with Firefox and Thundebird 3 for as long as I can. Else we will have to change browser altogether.

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I've had various issues since 4.0. I thought (stupidly) that the quick rollout of 5.0 would be to offer some fixes - Alas NO!


Indeed. This version jumping is only a pointless exercise which breaks add-ons compatibility.

As a well known distro maintainer (Fabio Erculiani of Sabayon Linux) recently wrote, "Open Source projects have gone crazy, period". Trouble is, when it comes to browsers, I wouldn't know what to choose.

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Yeah, the annoying one! And quite old.

Same here.


I stop using FF or any other Mozilla product based on the things going on there.


Such behaviour should not be tolerated, not even by the average home user. Let them know what we think of it, they only learn it the way when the Percentage of users will sink .


We on Mac OS have all browers available ( I dont count IE as browser.. ) , and Safari is getting better, so is Chrome or Opera..


I used FF mainly for one single addon and that was the video download helper because it worked also on non-youtube sites.. ( yes.. :| ) .. but I am sure there are other methods to rip clips from the web. Once I noticed in FF4 or 5 that it ate 1.5GB of Ram .. another reason to hate this application which has turned from a slim fast thing into a fat old ugly thing with just a modernized UI. Since v4 I have not seen any new features , so why this version madness at all. In reality v6 would be v4.5 or so.




Just my 2 pennys.

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Also Version 6 still has the bug where in a conent_editable region it will not place the bullets to modify tables correctly.


To see this bug in action go to:

tinymce.org => Example


click the table and say it should center the table. The bullets are missplaced.


It is a Firefox bug not a Tinymce bug, confirmed sind Version 2 or so...

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