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  1. Works for me (Update from Appstore) uninstalled old driver, reinstalled driver from first post.
  2. Defender666

    HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Hi Friends, I currently installing on Joojoo which is a tablet device with similar specs then HP Mini. Can someone upload the DSDT for HP Mini311 which enables vanilla speedstep I need it to fix my speedstep because original HP311 package from MowgliBook is down.
  3. Defender666

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    If there are builds then let it load them if not do not load them instead of crashing Here are some builds: http://builds.voodooprojects.org/builds/Xcode4.1/
  4. Defender666

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    Disabling network allows to launch the wizard without crash. Seems to be server issue. Anyone knows what's going on.
  5. Defender666

    Chameleon Wizard - Utility for Chameleon.

    since today it crashes for me. Tryed on two computers. Closes immediately after open.
  6. I try to do this on my Nvidia ION Atom tablet, I followed the guide exactly however instead of launching the install it reboots the computer after selecting the boot device in chameleon. In Verbose after loading the kernel and if I use (-f) it loads the kext but won't switch to the usual start up sequence. It just reboots. I copied the Atom Kernel to the root of the drive. But it does not work. Any idea how to fix this.
  7. Defender666

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Push... please help someone can make a bios dump? amiflash.zip
  8. Defender666

    Lenovo Ideapad S12 Ion Development Thread

    Dear Leonovo Users can someone post Bios Dump and VGA Dump of the Lenovo S12 with nvidia ion chipset. I need to compare to my similar joojoo tablet which has problems with internal display
  9. Defender666

    Project getting OSX to run on Joojoo Tablet [Problems booting]

    I have Problems getting Graphics to work. The Device ID is 876 (nVidia ion) It is detected by Chameleon. I added device id to NVHANDL50.kext but it won't enable QE/CI.
  10. The Joojoo tablet has: Atom N250 ION Graphics Touchscreen So the perfect iTabHack. I'm trying to get this working on my joojoo however i not have a larger SSD (it only has 4GB now) yet, will arrive in the next days. First step: I try to get it booting from a prepared USB installation i did on my other HACK. tryed different bootloaders (Chameleon RC5, PCEFI, Chimera...all the same) no dsdt yet, always: 'unable to initialize UIM' & 'could not get chip to halt within 100ms' . . . It then does not find the root device. My Bios provides following options: USB Legacy Support enable / disable Bios EHCI Handover enable / disable Hispeed / Fullspeed option Legacy USB 1.1 HC Support EDIT: Solved this problem by selecting Hispeed instead of Fullspeed.
  11. Defender666

    Mozilla Version and Feature Madness

    Also Version 6 still has the bug where in a conent_editable region it will not place the bullets to modify tables correctly. To see this bug in action go to: tinymce.org => Example click the table and say it should center the table. The bullets are missplaced. It is a Firefox bug not a Tinymce bug, confirmed sind Version 2 or so...
  12. Defender666

    10.6 on a Viliv X70 tablet

    Have you got this baby running by now? Would be cool to have a hackpad.
  13. Defender666

    HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    thank you ThirdSmile Anyone tried display mirror function on 10.6.6 ? Don't see any need to update if there is no improvement for this. Maybe we can BIN-Patch the mirrorfunction as well...now that brightness works.
  14. Defender666

    HP 6520s, 6720s, 6820s, 550 SL Install Package

    Can someone recommend a tool to patch the file on my own. Is the second part of the patch the own brightes steps? Should I update to 10.6.5 for this to work?? (Currently 10.6.4
  15. Defender666

    UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    BlackCH, i have 6710b Notebook which is very similar to yours, i also have the (uneven, 95%) brightness problems (display: 1680x1050 non-glare). Can you point out which parts of the DSDT you modified in the end to get it working now, so i can add it to my dsdt. You write you patched original x3100 driver to disable driver brightness control? Can you explain this alternative solution. You said driver messes up brightness and it is corrected by the generic brightness.kext. Did you try a combination of patched driver and this kext. I currently use the keyboard maestro solution.