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  1. licence to virtualise on apple hardware is old news, no?
  2. I've actually been having this problem with my MacBook Pro every restart or shutdown/ boot - I do not use bootcamp on that machine! Just spent the morning uninstalling various apps that run at startup - istats menu, sophos, bartender but nothing made any differance. Clearing caches using ML Cache cleaner didn't help either. Finnaly I manually removed Saved application states for each user and the messages are gone. Sill have no idea which saved application state was causing the problem - If it occurs again I'll try deleting the saved states one at a time. Hope this helps. D
  3. the WHS's primary use is storage and subsequently an smb share. Im using stablebit's drivepool addin which makes for very simple management of the hdd pool. OS X server is primarily radius authentication for the three airport base stations I have around the house (This is actually a problem with server 10.8 as currently Server.app is only seeing one of the units! - work in progress!). And a VPN gateway for my iPhone and MacBook when I'm away from home. Plex also runs on the mini (connected HDMI to my TV and available over WAN.) with my media stored on a WHS smb share. I have Openvpn VM available on the mini via VMWare fusion - which is configured to create a tunnel using any single TCP /UDP port . Very useful to get into my network when I'm behind well locked down firewalls. And profile manager for network accounts/ device management ... and a couple of afp shares .. The biggest hurdle I had with OS X server was DNS. but once I've got my head round it it's quite simple and works beautifully. To compare - it's difficult as I'm not really using them for the same purpose. Setup wise they where both quite straight forward, although due to compatability setting up a VPN (for eg.) for Mac devices on the WHS was no where near as simple as using OS X server! Again setting up radius auth' for a non-Apple device using Server 10.7 was possible with Server Admin GUI but sketchy at best. Doing this with Server 10.8 is CL only and I've not tried it yet! Data transfer speeds over the smb share on the WHS are a little dissapointing. I get an average 60-70MB/s (wired), where I easily achive 90-100MB/s with the OS X server's afp share. Setting up timemachine to an smb share on WHS was a whole lot of pain but it works. I've said this before to a few people but I'd love to be able to take all the best bits from WHS and OS X server and create one OS. Dream-ON ! D
  4. had my head buried in other stuff, mainly IP over Ka-band (satellite) and 3/4G bonded links, all very interesting. I wonder how many (home) OS X Server users there are out there.. I'm surprised by the lack of interest here on Insanley. Maybe Apple think toning it down will get more users on board? D
  5. Thanks Gringo, you too ! ... I'm just poping in :-) D
  6. FKA

    Farewell Revogirl.

    it's incredible the amount a person can achieve when they know that time is short. peace out Revo' X
  7. I've a similar setup - OS X server is primeraly radius auth', VPN gateway, Profile man' and a Wiki in progress. But it's also used a desktop machine from time to time - Hence my desire to upgrade to the very pretty looking Mountain Lion ... I've got Windows Home server 2011 on my HP Microserver, mainly for Stablebit's DrivePool (8TB at the mo' with room for one more HDD )) which is a bloody fantastic addin ! And WHS full stop, is impressive. as you say 'It's OK as a home server ... ' it could easily have been a whole lot more than OK ... the downward spiral from SL onwards is a big shame IMHO. D
  8. Any of you types had time to play with this yet? I'm not really interested in installation issues - I keep looking longingly at the last image i took from my Lion Server install ! Do i go back? Apart from DHCP and Firewall, which I've now switched over to a WHS 2011 machine (what the f&*$ where they thinking !!?), I've found everything i need via CL ... But why should we have to rummage through CL commands for basic server operations (Dare I mention setting simple user and group permissions - Oh sorry that's now done by check boxes for SOME of the available services OR rummaging through and editing local groups [which i just don't feel comfortable doing, even with some experience ..] - silly me! ) when previously there was a perfectly useful GUI .... I'm fairly sure with preasure that Server Admin 10.8 will materialise ... But in it's present form this version of OS X Server feels too much to me (A small home network user.) like 'my first Tomy toy server!' Thoughts anyone? Long time lurker - First time poster ! D
  9. There must be some flag written to the ML hdd, that the system has started but the ML drive wasn't booted ..
  10. FKA

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Ives, now your talking .. the true "innovator" !
  11. This Motherboard is up for sale if you're interested. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MSI-P45D3-Zilent D
  12. FKA

    ATI HD 5770

    My XFX 5770 is for sale if anybody is interested. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/XFX-ATI-Radeon-HD5770 D
  13. FKA

    Mozilla Version and Feature Madness

    I'm still sticking with Firefox but I'm near the end of my love for it .. .. I've had various issues since 4.0. I thought (stupidly) that the quick rollout of 5.0 would be to offer some fixes - Alas NO! https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=631462 D