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iMac G3 450Mhz, Still a capable machine?


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I was wondering if this machine would be capable of running Tiger, and possibly Leopard, smoothly? Would many applications still be functional? At the moment, it would start out with 384MB Ram, original 20Gb 5400RPM drive, and original graphics card.


If I purchased it, I would upgrade the Ram to its max 1Gb, and install a new, possibly 80Gb 7200RPM hard disk drive. Please let me know, as I have until today to decide.


I was planning on using it to play eduucational games for my son, but also use it for iPhoto, IMovie, possibly Aperture, if it would work.

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The only problem you might have is graphics. Those probably have ATI Rage 128 GPUs. But as far as Tiger goes, it is the fastest release yet on my G3 800 machine. The engineers keep improving the GCC compiler and optimizing OS X, so it keeps getting faster. Kind of the opposite of Windows, where each release tends to be slower than the one before it.

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Not too sure about how much RAM it'll take - check the specs. Some don't go up to 1GB.


I bought my grandma a 400 a month or so ago and she loves it. It's fast for things like web browsing and solitaire, although I imagine it wouldn't do Aperture very well.


Let us know if you got it or not!

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As always, Mactracker will save our hind ends for specs. It sounds like this one:



iMac/iMac DV/iMac DV+/iMac DV SE (Summer 2000)


Introduced: July 2000

Discontinued: February 2001

Machine ID: PowerMac2,2

Model Number: n/a

Order Number: n/a

Support Status: Supported

Processor: PowerPC 750 (G3)

Number of Cores: 1

Processor Speed: 350, 400, 450, 500 MHz

Cache: 64 KB L1, 512 k backside (1:2)

System Bus: 100 MHz

Hard Drive: 7, 10, 20, or 30 GB

Media: Slot-loading 24x CD-ROM or 4x DVD-ROM

Peripherals: Apple Pro Keyboard, Apple Pro Mouse

Colors: Indigo, Ruby, Sage, Snow, and Graphite

Weight and Dimensions (US): 34.7 lbs., 15.0" H x 15.0" W x 17.1" D

Weight and Dimensions (Metric): 15.7 kg, 38.1 cm H x 38.1 cm W x 43.4 cm D

Original Mac OS: Mac OS 9.0.4

Maximum Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.3.9 (350 MHz) or Latest Mac OS X (400 MHz+)

Hardware Test: AHT (iMac) 1.0, 1.0.1, 1.1, 1.2 (iMac/eMac) 1.2.1, 1.2.2

Firmware: Open Firmware

Firmware Update: iMac Firmware Update 4.1.9

Firmware Update URL: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=75130

Logicboard RAM: None

Maximum RAM: 1.0 GB

Type of RAM Slots: 2 - PC100 3.3V 168-pin SDRAM

Minimum RAM Speed: 10 ns

Graphics Card: ATI Rage 128 Pro (AGP 2x)

ATI Card Model: ATY,Rage128Pro

Graphics Memory: 8 MB

Built-in Display: 15-inch shadow-mask CRT (13.8-inch viewable)

Resolutions: 640x480 @ 117Hz, 800x600 @ 95Hz, 1024x768 @ 75Hz

Display Connection: VGA (on 400MHz+)

Video Camera: None

Expansion Slots: None

Hard Drive Bus: Ultra ATA

Large Drive Support: No (Maximum of 128 GB per drive)

Backup Battery: 922-4028 (3.6 V 850 mAh Lithium)

Max Watts: 150 watts

Line Voltage: 100-260V AC

AirPort: Optional AirPort card on 400MHz+ (802.11b) (adapter required)

Bluetooth: None

Ethernet: 10/100BASE-T (RJ-45)

Modem: 56k

USB: 2 - 12 MBit/s

FireWire: 2 - 400 MBit/s (on 400MHz+) (8W total power)

Audio In: 1 - 3.5-mm analog input jack, Built-in microphone (16-bit 44.1 kHz sample rate)

Audio Out: 3 - 3.5-mm analog output jacks, Built-in speakers (16-bit 44.1 kHz sample rate)

History: The iMac (Summer 2000) was the lowest priced iMac yet. Essentially a reissue of the iMac (Slot Loading) at a lower price point (and without an AirPort slot), the iMac (Summer 2000) was priced at $799 U.S. It was available in indigo, shipped with 64 MB of RAM a 56k modem, and included Apple's new Pro Mouse and Pro Keyboard. The iMac DV (Summer 2000) was essentially a repackaged version of the original iMac DV, with a CD-ROM drive instead of DVD-ROM. The iMac DV shipped with 64 MB of RAM, a 56 kbps modem, and Apple's Pro Mouse, and was available in either Indigo or Ruby, all for $999 U.S. The iMac DV+ built on the success of the iMac DV. The processor speed was upped to 450 MHz, and the hard drive was doubled to 20 GB, while the price dropped. The iMac DV+ came with 64 MB of RAM, a 56 kbps modem, Apple's Pro Mouse, and was available in Indigo, Ruby or Sage, all for $1299 U.S. The iMac DV SE (Summer 2000) built on the runaway success of the iMac DV SE. The processor speed was raised to 500MHz, the hard drive was more than doubled to 30GB, and a new color option (Snow) was added.

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This machine has no QE and CI support (good old Rage128). So, Aperture and iWeb is not working well: iWeb has no image editing capabilities because the lack of CoreImage. Iphoto runs well, but with the same limitations... Everything working, but those softwares, that require core image have some limitations, or not working at all. sorry about my english.



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