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Happens in Windows, also in Linux


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On a plane trip from Bangkok to Tokyo, i was onboard an Airbus plane that had little LCDs on the back of everybodys seat (i'm not used to this, seeing how i'm always flying coach).

Anyway, early in the flight i was able to watch any movie i wanted (On Demand) but later on all the seats computers were rebooted and you had to pay (swipe your credit card) to watch anything other than what they wanted to show you.


I kept pressing random buttons, going back and forth between menus, until finally my seats computer rebooted, and it was LINUX! yay!

Anyway, i watched about 3 pretty new movies on that trip. Pretty sweet. Thanks Airbus. Screw Boeing.


*actually that pic looks like it came from an Airbus, i guess they use Linux in their systems, which is good in my opinion*

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