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  1. Ubuntu 10.04 released

    Just installed and have been running it for a few days. Very nice release I must say. The boot time is insane! Everything has worked silky smooth out of the box, which I can't usually say about distros.
  2. Steam For OS X a reality?

  3. Updating from 10.5.7 to 10.5.8

    Well I found the solution finally. For anybody else that is also somewhat confused... http://netkas.org/?p=123
  4. I'm currently using the iATKOS v7 using the VooDoo 9.7.0 Kernel. How do I update to 10.5.8? Do I just use software update and then go back in safe mode or something and reapply needed kexts to work again? Or will the new vanilla crash my system?
  5. What are you running Windows 7 on?

    AMD Phenom X4 9850 @ 2.5 GHZ OCZ Fatal1ty DDR2 4 GB @ 800 XFX ATI Radeon 4870 1 GB 250 GB HDD
  6. Awesome guys. I thought this thread would never start going. I recently cracked(spiderwebed) my iPhone 2G. I'm planning on soon getting the 3G for $99. Until then, I'm using a Motorola Razr. But hey, it gets great service!
  7. Come on. Somebody else has to have a modded Springboard/Winterboard.
  8. So will my AMD Phenom 9850 Black Edition work with the XP mode? Since I have AMD Virtualization?
  9. I thought it would be cool if we could start a thread showing our iPhone Springboards. Here's mine....
  10. That also did not work.
  11. No I hadn't tried that Nick. I'll try unplugging all my SATA drives and just use IDE, maybe that'll fix it. Hard drive as master and cd drive as slave still results in a waiting for root device error. Trying them in switched places no. I've also experience this with this forum... I've been here for a while. Ok it's booting now....I still get the error I'm gonna go check my bios real quick to make sure they are set right. Posted from my iPhone. This is a single channel IDE motherboard btw. I'm gonna try just my cd drive now and see if it will boot
  12. I have a ASUS M3A78-EM motherboard with a 250 gb sATA HD, DVD-RW sATA Drive, and two 40 GB IDE Hard drives. I want to install OS X (LawlessPPC Phenom Version 10.5.4?) on one of the 40 gig drives. When I normally boot the DVD, I get a infamous "Still Waiting for root device" error. But when I change the sATA setup in my BIOS to AHCI, the installer boots but in the disk manager thing in the installer doesn't show my two IDE drives, but does show both of my sATA drives. Which would be easier? Fix the Still Waiting for root device error, or somehow get my IDE drives to show up when in AHCI mode?(They might still not show up in normal sata, even if i do fix the waiting for root device error?)