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Where is the BETTER OS X terminal app? I have tried so many and hated them all!

MSO Drew

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Hey, this post is the result of my winding frustration with Apple touting "unix this, unix that" and yet they can't get a decent terminal application to ship with OS X.


Compared to linux's gnome-terminal & kde/xcfe counterparts and even window's excellent PuTTy, there is NOTHING I've found online that even gets close... well, except one.


I've tried the following and ill list my gripes next to each.:mad:


Terminal.app- Fair speed/responsiveness, weak colors support requiring arduous hacks, common keys like Page Up / Down don't do what is expected of them :mad: .

iTerm.app - Absolutely pitiful speed and responsiveness :mad: , excellent color support, confusing GUI/settings dialogs.

xTerm under X11 - Amazing speed :), great color support :o, but many ridiculous quirks because technically the xterm is supposed to be talking to an "X11 Server" which just happens to be apple's implementation running locally. I was terribly confused as to why I couldn't copy and paste between an xterm and OS X, got pissed off :eek: , and uninstalled it because of fear that the abstration layer would create even more frustrations for me.


For the love of god, is there a good terminal app out there? I think I could bear Terminal.app if it's keys behaved appropriately and I had standard color highlighting. I could also bear xterm if it integrated better with OS X.


What's the deal here? Am I just blind? Can anyone please tell me if they've found a solution?


(oh and don't tell me "iTerm isn't slow! your mac is just probably slow!"... I have a 1.6 GHZ core duo mac mini with 2GB of ram... it shouldn't be slow.)


Thanks for any help.:o

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After that hint was submitted (2 years ago) the poster got flamed with lots of "WTF's" from the more Unix oriented users :hysterical:


I still have not found a good terminal app to repalce iterm/terminal.app/xterm. I wish the developer community could make one. I'd totally pay for it.



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