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Mac OS X on SSE

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I've been trying to find a way to run Mac OS X x86 on an Athlon XP for a few days now, and I'm pretty sure that only Qemu and Bochs even have a chance of booting it, and I think Qemu has a better chance since when booting, it actually says SSE2 when OSX does the CPU check, though that might just because Bochs doesn't report it.


I've tried it on both Bochs and Qemu, and here are the results (ahem, where they crash):

Qemu Panic on left (using x86-64, gets farther than normal), Bochs stuck on right.

qemu14dv.th.jpg bochs19aa.th.jpg


One interesting thing to note is that on the bochsout log (you can download full log below), everything goes as normal until this area:

00130352172i[CLVGA] VBE enabling x 1024, y 768, bpp 32, 3145728 bytes visible
00130352172e[WGUI ] Sim window's client size(1024, 688) was different from the stretched size(1024, 768) !!
00130352172i[WGUI ] dimension update x=1024 y=768 fontheight=0 fontwidth=0 bpp=32
00142565245i[CPU0 ] RDMSR: Read 00000000:fee00900 from MSR_APICBASE
00142576072e[CPU0 ] RDMSR: Unknown register 0x1a0
00142577038i[CPU0 ] MOV_RdCd: read of CR4
00142583700i[CPU0 ] MOV_RdCd: read of CR4
00143795677i[PIT81] Changing GATE 2 to: 0
00143803136i[APIC0] CPU apicid=00: set timer divide factor to 1
... (repeats) ...
00255779210i[APIC0] CPU apicid=00: set timer divide factor to 1
00255793839i[CPU0 ] MOV_RdCd: read of CR4
00255901139i[APIC0] CPU apicid=00: set timer divide factor to 1
... (repeats)


Bochs crashes because of an APIC (likely interrupt error), and that's harder to solve than the ACPI error of Qemu. If anyone has information on that, please speak out.


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Just a note, the speed is TERRIBLE, I'm going to try it on a minimalist Debian netinst, but on Windows it takes something like 5 seconds (maybe more, but I only counted to 5 and then went to do something else) just to open up the Files menu. I don't think it's that much better than PearPC.


After comparing my settings on Qemu with those over on the Qemu site, I found that the only thing I didn't do was the platform=x86.

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