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  1. It is true? (about 10.4.4)

    Note: Later, he says that IE and Office are PPC-Only. He made a mistake.
  2. Mac on Mac for Tiger

    We can emulate Mac OS 9.04 on a Hackintosh-OSx86-computer using Sheepshaver. OS 9.04 is {censored}. We wan't to emulate Mac OS 9.1-9.2.2 Well... there is a project called Mac on Mac. (www.maconmac.bastix.net) It's a port of Mac on Linux to MacOS X. (www.maconlinux.org) It works fine :-) HOWEVER: it doesn't work on Tiger. Panther only. If we could make it to work on Tiger PPC, i suppose it will work on tiger x86 using Rosetta? So we could run Mac OS 9 on a PC? OK. Here you can download todays edition (0.2) and the developers edition (0.21). 0.21 has a new interface, but still no Tiger support. First, we should make Mac on Linux to compile on PPC MacOSX Tiger. It won't work :-( Can you make it to?
  3. ACPI kernel panic

    Boot with platform=x86pc
  4. Fast OS X in QEMU -only Compilers needed-

    http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=5132 Here for Windows-users. Thx, DrJägermeister!!!
  5. sse2

    Will my Celeron without SSE2 work?
  6. Fast OS X in QEMU -only Compilers needed-

    The correct helper2.c file: http://xavia.thenico.fr.eu.org/~nico/helper2.c
  7. Fast OS X in QEMU -only Compilers needed-

    Another Guide!!!! http://www.win2osx.net/forum/showthread.php?t=431
  8. Live x86 CD/DVD

    BootCD works with Mac OS X Panther.
  9. OS X in QEMU???

  10. OS X in QEMU???

    Some guys got OS X working in QEMU. How? I can't, even not with the x86_64 mode. PC: Windows XP Home Amd Athlon XP 3200++ 512Mb RAM. I'm getting some sort of screen error: QEMU can't get loginwindow working.
  11. Yeah, Windows RG, the best Windows Edition ever...
  12. OS X Tiger works on all Macs who ran 10.0. OS X gets faster with the years.
  13. Fast OS X in QEMU -only Compilers needed-

    Note: those folks are using QEMU 0.7.1 You can compile Bochs with SSE2 emulation using: which means: in a terminal window, cd to Bochs source, type "sh configure --enable-cpu-level=6 --enable-sse=2" ,"make" and "make install". http://bochs.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/toppe...user/book1.html
  14. Fast OS X in QEMU -only Compilers needed-

    Be sure to follow these instructions: http://m2.dad-answers.com/qemu-forum/viewtopic.php?t=223
  15. Fast OS X in QEMU -only Compilers needed-

    The problem is: there isn't a Linux version avaiable eider. You've got to compile it yourself on Linux. Can't someone make a binary installer for Linux and Windows so SSE-users can use OSX86 on a fast(er) way?