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  1. HELP! Hard drive GONE? Kalyway gone bad!

    No, I have not. How would I go about doing that? Is it the little battery on the motherboard?I took it out and replaced it back. My HD is now showing up in my BIOS.Thank you.I have another problem, but thats not the result of me trying to install Kalyway. I will have to post the problem somewhere else.
  2. I was installing Leopard, and the install failed for because it could not install some files onto my partition I created with the disk utility. Now, after the reboot, my hard drive is unrecognizable and unreadable. I tried the Kalyway disk again and my hard drive is not even listed in disk utility now. When I boot normally it asks for a floppy. The hard drive is no longer in my BIOS. Help? Is there anything I can do?
  3. Kernel Panic!

    How do I disable ACPI? I am in VMware.
  4. Kernel Panic!

    It seems I am having the same problem that FalloutX is having in his topic. I have the same error (screenshot posted below) as him and everything. I think it might have to do with my motherboard and BIOS. I have a ASUS P4B533, and I am running ACPI BIOS Revision 1011 on it.
  5. b0 error in VMware

    Yes. I know. Use a LiveCD and set the partition as active. But in VMware, it seems to just boot right off my vitural HD and not even check for the LiveCD. Help?
  6. No more Darwin/x86?

    "A Brief History of Apple's Open Source Efforts" (Digg it.)
  7. noob instalation questions

    http://win2osx.net/wiki/index.php/10-4-3-8F1111#Patches Use the JaS patch. Convert to .iso with UltraISO Patch. Burn to DVD. Boot with DVD.
  8. I have the same problem. :-\
  9. I get this error when I boot the instalation DVD with -v: No idea what it means. Using the 8F1111 install DVD patched with JaS 1111a Generic Patch v4.1 PPF. Help?
  10. PPF Patch for sse2 maxxuss test3b kernel

    I realized that while it was installing. The reason why I didn't think it installed right was because I mounted the .iso with the thing in VMware. Then I mounted it with Daemon and it worked fine. I did apply the patch twice, and with a whole 5 minutes of testing it last night it showed that it was unbeliveablely slow. Does your ppf delete the the AppleTPMACPI? I am going to test it out some more right now.
  11. What's wrong with your 8F1111 installation?

    Just got done installing a few minutes ago in VMware. I have tested Safari. Everything is running just...slow.
  12. PPF Patch for sse2 maxxuss test3b kernel

    I used your patch and I get this error... First I applied the Java bootloader patch by Maxxuss, then I applied your patches. I started it up in VMware and it gave me the error after the grey apple. Fixed it. Mounted with Daemon Tools and it worked. Mounting directly in VMware dosen't work.
  13. 8F1111 install in VMware...RESTART?!

    I am told that I need to restart in VMware when I try to install. I think I didn't patch right. I can fool around with this later. I have to get some work done.
  14. Help with UltraISO

    Heh. You made me feel retarted. Thanks.