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  1. Crappy Battery Life on Laptops

    This is getting off topic. This has nothing to do with how much one's battery has decayed but simply the fact that OSX isn't using SpeedStep or other technologies to save battery life. My battery is 9 months old and still gets up to 9 hours in windows, my batteries are practically brand new. BTW, if you get the ACPI kext from Darwin you can load AppleACPIDisplay.kext and your screen will shut off properly. But the fan(s) and I assume CPU will continue to run.
  2. Mac OS X on SSE

    why don't you try booting it with different platform= settings?
  3. Crappy Battery Life on Laptops

    I don't think it's the lack of video acceleration. Even if your screen isn't doing anything, it drains. I've even tried to 'sleep' where it turns off most stuff but the display, and it still drains the battery in a major way. I'm lucky to get 4.5hours out of two batteries when I normally would be pushing 9 hours. I think as a work around I can disable SpeedStep in BIOS and have it run at 600mhz all the time. I know it sounds weird, but apparently according to my BIOS disabling speedstep forces the CPU to lowest speed (I guess they put it in there for people without working speedstep control or it was safer than running at 2.0ghz the entire time....) I'm scared to see what OSX will run like at 600mhz forced. It runs blazingly fast on a 2.0ghz Pentium-M.
  4. Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4309 802.11a/b/g (rev 03) Unfortunately it doesn't work 100% perfectly with my Broadcom. I'm able to choose 'Other' on the wireless icon and connect to my SSID with WEP, but I'm unable to scan for other networks. If I use the airport utility I get the following: airport -a WirelessScan timeout waiting for first scan result WirelessScan timeout waiting for first scan result WirelessScan timeout waiting for first scan result ... etc If I airport --scan I get the same results, hence why I'm never able to see networks around me, but I can join them manually if I know the SSID. Also, if the computer goes into doze mode (when I close the lid --- which doesn't work 100%), the card enters powersaving mode and I can't turn it off until I manually connect to a network again. (It seems the driver doesn't know how to wake the card back up...) airport --getinfo commQuality: 81 rawQuality: 68 avgSignalLevel: -31 avgNoiseLevel: -85 linkStatus: ESS portType: Client lastTxRate: 11 maxRate: 11 lastAssocStatus: 1 BSSID: 0c:00:27:41:e4:47 SSID: MuhHouse powerSaving: Not enabled I heard other people are able to scan, so it must be something against my card. Does anyone NOT have this problem on this chipset? (Dell Truemobile 1450)
  5. Does anyone have any trouble 'scanning' for new networks? I have to manually type in my SSID/Network... When I try to scan for new networks it displays a blank. Any ideas? Is this a known limitation? Dell 600M with a Truemobile 1450 Broadcom card (A/b/g)
  6. The trick is that some 600M's use a NEC DVD drive and the others use a Sony. I had to return my Sony after I dropped it, but the NEC one works. I can't watch DVD movies on it though, but it burns and I can access CDs, etc. Almost everything works on the 600M out of the box. A minor hack and you can get the Wireless going (If you bought a Dell card instead of the Intel Centrino thing), remove the ATI drivers and you can get 1400x1050 resolution. It will even detect the PCMCIA chipset and onboard Smart card reader. Even will give you a percentage of battery life... but not how much time is left, nor will it use speedstep technology.
  7. I noticed after I loaded the airport2.kext that my broadcom (Dell Trumobile 1450) wouldn't scan for available networks. I had to manually type in my SSID... Anyone run into this problem?
  8. Has anyone managed to get this to work? I can get it to load but it crashes randomly when making calls. Can anyone recommend any other clients or have any ideas on how to make this work? I have a crash log if anyone wants to look at it...
  9. Post Here If You Boot Slow...

    Just FYI about people claiming that it's normal to boot slowly, on one of my PCs it boots in as little as 15 seconds (From the Darwin boot loader to actually being able to use OSX). On another computer it takes 20-25 seconds (A lot of stuff has been installed...) It sounds like you guys have the non-DMA issue/waiting for root device problem.
  10. Software I Found To Work

    How did you get Dreamweaver 2004 MX to work? I tried 7.0 (out of box) and 7.0.1 upgraded. I have two systems, one with SSE3 and one without. On one system I managed to get it to install without giving me Updater and Dremweaver has quit unexpectedly errors (But the install still continues in the background) and on the other it installs but doesn't start. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can get it started it it will randomly crash (That's on my SSE v.4 patched box with new TPM) How did you install it? What are your specs and patch versions?