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Search for a DUAL DVI, FanLess Video Card

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Hi all !


I search a Video Card, in PCI-Express format, fanless (no noise please :)), to replace my actual video card.


I want to have DUAL DVI (is an obligation) beacause I have two 24" LCd monitor in DVI at 1920*1200 pixels.


Anyone know an model of graphics card, fully compatible with OSX 10.6.3 with 2 DVI in PCI-E format ?


Thank you !

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I think existe an GeForce 9800 GT fanless when I search on Google.


But I don't find any in France ...


Can I bought a "normal" GeForce 9800 GT and change the ventirad by my acutel video card ? I don't lunch any game on my PC ;)


My acutal fanless graphic card is : Asus EN7600GT.


Olso, if you know have I can it work in 10.6.3 or higer I'm happy (it work in 10.6.[0-1-2], but blu screen in 10.6.[3-4]

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