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    [Fixed] Ghost display on MSI R5770 Hawk in Lion

    Many thanks for the fix. I applied the above outlined fix to the ATI5000Controller.kext which comes with 10.7.1. It is working with my MSI Hawk 5770. Feel free to use it. Rolgar ATI5000Controller.kext.zip
  2. Club 3D Nvidia GT 240 1024MB has DVI, VAG and HDMI. You probably can put an HDMI->DVI Adapter on the HDMI port. The card is recognize by OS X vanilla.
  3. Rolgar

    About this Mac

    Looks like I'm the first in 2011. Worked for me Xeon L5640 on Asus Z8PE-D18, OS X 10.6.5 Many thanks