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I'm thinkin' we should compile a list of the coolest OS X widgets, other than the defualts. Some people don't use them much, but I've found them to be some of the best speed-enhancing tweaks for my system (as in, saving me time).


Screenshot Plus

One of the coolest widgets I've ever seen. Makes screenshots in no time, plus takes shots of individual windows.



Drag and Drop uploading



Cool color choosing widget. Gives you all the color codes you'd need.


Pretty self explanatory.



For movie times and theaters.

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Album Art Widget - Download

It displays the album art of songs playing in iTunes. It automatically fetches art from the website of your choice. You can apply the art to single tracks or choose to apply it to all songs under the same album.


Apple Store Daily Special - Download

Finds products on Apple.com that have been marked down to clear stock. There have been some insanely cheap PowerPC offers since the Intel transition.


Digg RSS - Download

Displays the top submissions on Digg.com from your desktop. There's an option to view summaries before you click on any story. You can choose to view only one type of article if you want, such as technology.


Wikipedia - Download

You never know when you might need to find info fast. This widget eliminates the need to open a web browser, allowing you to browse all the entries from the widget itself.


WWDC 2006 Countdown - Download

Count down the months, days, and minutes until the unveiling of the Mac Pro and Leopard on August 7th.

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Mine are:


Photo Drop (Universal) — Freeware

10 sec. photo editing in your Dashboard! Drop or paste a photo, resize & trim it, and export to another application or widget directly by mouse dragging with outstanding 8 effects. You can also take a screenshot of windows behind Photo Drop (excluding your scattered desktop).




Sleep Display (Universal) — Freeware

If you have a beautiful new iMac, you know how nice and bright the screen is. Thing is...sometimes a bright screen isn’t what you’re going for.


Enter this widget. It allows you to immediately sleep just your display so that you can continue running your background jobs. It doesn’t permanently affect your energy settings, so when you start working again, your monitor will not sleep immediately. It’s a simple widget, but it solves an annoying problem.





The MelaMangio's widgets, really useful of all Italian users. You can find all these widgets here.

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ToDo Tracker from Monkey Buisness Labs


Allows you to write notes for yourself quickly. It also allows you to have many pages which you can scroll through unlike in Stickies, where you would have to have tons of stickies filling up your dashboard to actually have enough space to write something.


I just hate that little dollar that obnoxiously waves itself at you beggin for donations.



Sorry. Clearly I'm not very apt at attaching images.

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If you're a musician like me you might enjoy:


Z's Chord Reference

helps with chords when going from a piano to a guitar or vise-versa.


Tuna Pitch

a nice little guitar tuner. also nice to know if you're singing in tune.


BPM Widget

nice to find the tempo of a song.



helpful when you dont have a sequencer open and want to keep a steady beat.



a widget that finds guitar tabs for a song.

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